Kickers Inc! Marvel Comics and Reebok Sneakers!

Reebok and Marvel Comics are teaming up to bring you the coolest line of sneakers you’ve ever seen.

I am not a Sneaker-Head (as AOTS tells me sneaker collectors are called) but these kicks are tight!  That’s how to speak in the sneaker collecting world right?  I may not know the terminology for these collectors, but I know that when I look at these sneakers I think… Sneakers Assemble!

Originally found at XombieDIRGE and from there at the Zombie Bacons Tumblr (and really, phenomenal names for your sites guys, kudos).  This is some incredible work.  I’m only showing you the outside of the sneakers, but please head over to these websites.  From there you can see the laces, the insoles, every single titillating detail of the footwear.

Quote from Zombie Bacons:

Reebok X Marvel Officially Licensed Limited Edition Sneakers!

Reebok X Marvel Officially Licensed Limited Edition Sneakers!

Pretty psyched about this one, been sitting on it for a while. Here is the first line of the Reebok X Marvel collaboration that I designed. I’ve been working with kids footwear to create Spider-Man licensed shoes for a few years now, and finally, we can get some adult sizes for us grown-up nerds (and nerd-ettes)! The sneakers drop this summer at specific retailers, read more info hereherehere and here. The first lineup is Captain America, Red Skull, Spider-Man, Venom, Wolverine, Sabretooth, Deadpool, Chamber, Black Widow and Emma Frost.

For all the pictures of the inside, the left side, the right side, the outta side! (that joke may have not worked) of the sneakers go to Snkrology.

Captain America Marvel Reebok Sneaker
Red Skull Marvel Reebok Sneaker
Wolverine Marvel Reebok Sneaker
Sabretooth Marvel Reebok Sneaker
Spider-Man Marvel Reebok Sneaker
Venom Marvel Reebok Sneaker
Deadpool Marvel Reebok Sneaker
Chamber Marvel Reebok Sneaker
Black Widow Marvel Reebok Sneaker
Emma Frost Marvel Reebok Sneaker

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