Top 4 WWE Superstars Who Need to Step Up NOW.


The WWE roster is deep like the Marina Trench.  I know some of you think its thin, but the crew on Raw, Smackdown, NXT and FCW are vast.  The problem is at the main event level.  So much is happening on camera and off.  If even half the rumors are true then WWE is about to see their main event names cut in half.  Lets look at the current state:

CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Sheamus are all good main event talents.  Barring any injuries or huge backstage problems, all three men will be at that level and putting on good matches for the next few years.

John Cena has become grossly stale.  The fans have been begging for him to turn heel for at least the last five years.  His current feud with Johnny Ace is doing nothing for the character.  Speaking of doing nothing, who is making money off of a crying Big Show?

Triple H and Undertaker are, for the most part, done.  Brock Lesnar has limited dates and a franchise cannot be built around him.  The Rock told us all that he is back for good… Rock… Rocky… where are you going?  3D conversion you say?  Channing Tatum you say?

Chris Jericho is suspended, Kane must be nearing his end.  Rey Mysterio is horribly injury prone.  Great Khali has always been a joke.  Miz is going to be filming a movie soon (and really, he has been dumped from the main event).  Now word leaks out that Randy Orton is suspended 60 days and might be on his way out of the company.

And to find out more about Randy Orton’s suspension, read the article below.

Its time to build new stars.  That time, like the Super Friends used to tell us, is now.

Here are 4 WWE Superstars that need to up their game right now.  The writers need to get behind them.  They need some incredible main event matches.  They need to be built up into champions as fast as the fans will accept.  Money in the Bank is coming up.  What a perfect time to build up not just one, but two new franchises.

My qualifications for this list are thus:  good wrestlers, good talkers and never before given a chance as a World or WWE champion (although, spoiler alert, there is one former champion in there but you’ll see).  That is why you wont see Alberto Del Rio or Christian on this list.

Also, we need these guys to be built up now.  Otherwise Wade Barrett would be on the list.  I absolutely expect him to get pushed to this level when he returns.

4.  Drew McIntyre

Buried for years now, but its time for Drew to rise back up.  A former IC champ and tag team champ, he then had a few things go awry and disappeared from contention.  During a “win or be fired” story arc the fans were behind Drew!  For no reason.  He never had face actions, he was just a guy trying to keep his job.  The fans rallied behind that all too real and all too familiar to their own lives plot.  Drew has a great look, he’s a phenomenal wrestler, a natural heel, and he still has that bad ass entrance music.  All of these pieces should add up to a bigger star.

3.  Cody Rhodes

Seriously, give him the shot already.  In as the babiest of baby faces Cody then found his natural heel work.  He was part of Legacy and out of all three former members he is arguably the biggest current star.  Ted is out, and when was the last time anyone was excited for a Randy Orton match?  Meanwhile, Cody had to wear a mask for nearly a year and became a bigger star because of it.  He carried Big Show through one of the more enjoyable feuds of the giant’s career.  He is skilled.  He has a face that can be put out there by the company on everything.  He has the love of women and the respect of the men.  Plus, his natural great heel work could be put to great use anytime a babyface chases after the big belt.

2.  Zack Ryder

Wait!  Wait come back!  Don’t leave.  Fact is WWE took something great and ruined it.  When Ryder was doing his YouTube show on his own we all loved it.  We were behind him.  The bookers and writers always say that talent needs to create their own buzz, their own hype.  Well Zack went out and did it.  The fans got behind him, the wrestling world loved him, and then WWE shat all over it.  He had a token run with the US title. I wouldn’t even call it a run.  Maybe a stroll.  Then WWE took over his YouTube show, and edits it among other transgressions.  He is a fan, a great hype machine and already a franchise.  His quest for WWE or World title gold would be the feel good story of the year.  Fans would rally behind it.  Ratings and buy rates would increase.  Grown men would weep, because we would picture Zack in the ring crying his eyes out holding the belt as us.  He could represent all the fans.

1.  Dolph Ziggler.

Yes.  He kind of already had the World title.  But only for the length of Smackdown.  That hardly counts as a reign.  It certainly cant be counted as a chance to be the leader of the company.  In order to be a main event talent, you would need to main event a PPV with the title.  He only got to main event Smackdown.  Dolph could easily fit into the spots vacated by Chris Jericho and Randy Orton.  He has that bleached blonde look and the big body that WWE has always loved.  But unlike some of his wrestling brothers, brother, he has tons of wrestling talent to go along with it.  He is already at this level with the fans.  No one would be surprised to see him get a title shot, nor to win it.  The hardest part of the job is convincing fans that a guy deserves to be there.  The WWE Universe is not afraid to backlash.  That would not be a problem with Dolph.

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