WWE’s Randy Orton…. Not Coming Back?!

All of the internet wrestling news sites have been all over this story this week.

We know for sure that Orton is out for 60 days on some sort of Wellness Policy violation.  This is his second “official” suspension.  The number varies as to how many don’t count.  Either way, his next one is supposed to culminate in a firing from WWE.

Some reports are saying WWE will just jump the gun on that and fire him now.  Word is that there is much tension between Randy Orton and WWE right now.  He is at least out the 60 days.  Most wrestling news reporters believe that he will sit out even longer than that, to teach him a lesson.  Many feel that he has made his money and he needs a change in life, thus all sides might be fine with him leaving WWE.

I say good riddance.  Orton has grown to be very stale and has been an asshole for most of his career.

Read below to see four names that could take his spot in the main event:


Read this article to find out some of Randy Orton’s more douchebag moves during his career.




  2. i believe you buddy he needs to shut up he will be back he is so great he is the man and i cant wait till he comes back rko rko rko

  3. and if yall have a commit about it r agree with me text me on my ps3 if u have one user name is fsubackinblack

  4. Wwe is jst a mess wt out randy n its un-interestin wen randy is nt dey.wat has he don dt cud nt b reveal,wel i dnt kia 2 knw dt. All i wnt is 2 c him bak on stage bcos he is d best,his moves,his action,his finishin,his guts is wat no man comprehends n i luv dt somuch.so if wwe wana get moni n fans aswel,dey beta bring him bak. Dts all

  5. RANDY ORTON cannot leave he is my ultimate number one superstar without him wwe would be nothing he may have done that but he still preforms to the best of his ability and he aint an asshole his attitude if anything helps in the ring SO DO NOT GET HIM FIRED !!!!!!! please

  6. they cant get rid of orton he has to many fans and he and cena are two of the most popular superstars and make wwe lots of money

  7. Idk what your smoking ya his character is a add but the real randy and f off. If you people can’t exsept the fact that he’s better than you then fine but stop saying all these gay ass lies

  8. You my friend need to stop calling him an ass hole hes more of a man than anyone he’s worked his ass off to get to where he is today and the wwe would lose alot of fans if they were to fire him

  9. I’ll quit watching wwe if Randy is fired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss him && he needs 2 come back && if he does get fired he can always go 2 Impact wrestling so wwe needs 2 think about that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. You suck,Randy Orton is one of the BEST (if not he is the best),In the WWE.If Randy Orton is terminated myself,and THOSANDS of other vuiewers will stop watching Monday Night Raw,and SmackDown.The WWE Is making a colossal mistake If Randy Orton is terminated. I assure you that WWE will plummet in rateings If Randy Orton dose not return.

    Sciencerly, Gorge

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