Top 4 of FCW 6/3/12

FCW was back to an array of plotlines and matches this week unlike the past few weeks which seemed to only be filled with matches. I say only almost like it’s a bad thing, but FCW is good at giving you a plot that isn’t just abandoned (like last week’s accusation from Paige that Raquel once had wanted to be an anti-diva). This is only a Top 4 list so a few things had to be left off, including an Ohno promo that was pretty good but not as precise as the one from the week before and a Bray Wyatt match against Jiro which was terribly predictable since Wyatt is the one they are pushing. And it lacked Eli.

4. Summer Rae as GM

Summer Rae is exactly what her name suggests, a ray of absolute sunshine. Corny as that may be, she’s fun to watch and listen to and has this sultry quality to her voice even as she speaks in a super chipper, almost ditzy but yet clever, general manager. Maxine was the sensual woman who took her character of fooling around with others over the top and beyond. Summer Rae can get by on her attitude, her smarts, and let’s admit it, she looks like a school teacher fantasy with Rob Naylor as her student that eternally kisses his way to the top. Excellent combination for a new era of GM.

3. Dean Ambrose Promo

People who don’t even watch FCW are awaiting the moment he comes up to Raw or Smackdown, he’s become that big of a sensation already. There’s a reason for it. Tonight he cuts a promo with Rollins interrupting which promises a match between them soon (which sort of ruins the ending for a match coming up in the show, but still, this is an awesome promo). The hair makes the different to me. Anyone who reads my top 4 on Superstars knows I have a thing for certain hairstyles. He went away from the greasy, close to his head look and just seems more disheveled. It fits.

2. Richie Steamboat vs. Seth Rollins

This is the match you knew Rollins was going to win. Why else have Ambrose start a feud with him? Though that would have been a hilarious swerve I would have enjoyed. Steamboat’s great. Rollins is great. Together, they aren’t as great as they could be. Still, a decent match, and better than the Wyatt and Jiro match, but I think I expect so much more from these two and they didn’t deliver. When you hold someone in high esteem you hold them to certain levels. And, let’s be honest, nothing that happened on this episode of FCW was beating…









1. Jason Jordan vs. Leo Kruger

This might make it to match of the week status. Jason Jordan and Leo Kruger work off one another’s strengths, and weaknesses, giving this match a constant flow. Kruger starts off by offering Jordan the chance to leave the ring before the match beings, but Jordan chooses to stay in it, and thank goodness he did. There was a bit of ring around the rosy, much back and forth, Kruger’s, “Self-proclaimed King of Africa,” and Jordan’s smile. Kruger may have won this match, but Jordan made him work for it.












Jason Jordan = @JasonJordanJJ

Leo Kruger = @WWELeoKruger

Summer Rae = @Summerrcrush

Seth Rollins = @WWERollins

Dean Ambrose = @TheDeanAmbrose

Rob Naylor = @NINaylor

One comment

  1. I am super excited for ambrose and i have seen him wrestle a few matches… lovely. I think his promos are fantastic too. I agree with the hair as well, looks much better now

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