Top 4 Replacements for WWE Diva Kelly Kelly.


Recently the internet wrestling community has reported that WWE Kelly Kelly is taking a leave of absence from the WWE.  Not fired, not quit, but a stepping away with no idea when or if she’ll ever return.  For any of you who grew up with divorced parents, yeah kind of like that.  No idea when or if that person will come back.

Kelly Kelly danced, and won the Divas title once, and had sex with some of the wrestlers.  Is there any hope out there?  Could anything possibly fill the void she leaves behind?  The wrestling skills of this master shooter.  Interviews and promos the likes of Rowdy Roddy Piper.  Lets see if we can come up with four listings that equal her wrestling and promo skills.

4.  A bag of sand.

3.  A cantaloupe plus two minutes in the microwave.

2.  A mop with two water balloons.

1.  A Pringles can filled with bread dough (or a Fleshlight).

One comment

  1. this is not fair becose we love this diva becouse she has good talant .we r thinking this diva should come forward and do some thing special for us as for me

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