WWE Smackdown Spoilers for 6/8/12.

Do you know your spoiler alert?   Blah blah blah Smackdown opening theme.

Alberto Del Rio comes out and cuts a promo on Sheamus.  “Sheamus” comes out – its Ricardo Rodriguez dressed like the Great White.  Sheamus comes out, fighting happens.  Teddy Long comes out and says John Laurinaitis put him in charge for tonight.  Matches are made.

Alberto Del Rio defeats Great Khali by submission.

Naomi and Cameron dance for Teddy Long.  Brodus Clay shows up.  Teddy announces Brodus is now on Smackdown.

Brodus Clay defeats Derrick Bateman.

Sin Cara defeats Drew McIntyre.

Ryback feeds on two opponents.

The Peep Show is set up.  Cody Rhodes comes out and destroys the set.  Cody calls Christian a heel.  Christian says Edge changed him into good.  Dolph comes out for a match.

Christian defeats Dolph Ziggler.

Michael Cole comes out and doesn’t want to talk about Raw.  Hornswoggle comes out dressed as JR.  Damien Sandow comes out, and says shit to Hornswoggle.  Tyson Kidd saves Hornswoggle.  Damien sneaks in and attacks Tyson.

Matt Striker interviews Kane.  AJ watches from the shadows.

Antonio Cesar0 (with Aksana) defeats Jimmy Uso.

Sheamus defeats Kane.  By DQ.  Alberto Del Rio interferes. AJ watches Kane.

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