Grace Randolph’s Supurbia #4 Review.

From Boom Studios, Grace Randolph, Russell Dauterman, Gabriel Cassata, Steve Wands.

For those of you who missed it, Grace was a guest on the Team Hellions podcast this week.

Great reaction to it, people love it, and I can only hope that it led to more fans buying Supurbia this week (including the three previous issues).  But, a little look on the inside here, there is something none of you know.

I am incredibly upset with Grace right now.

Because she knew all of the twists this issue takes and said nothing to me about it!  There was no warning!  She didn’t prepare me for the events therein!  She strung me along, like, like some sort of super villain!

Hang tight, there may be spoilers within.  Those of you who have read the title saw some of these things coming and to those of you who are reading this article but have not read the books… Why?  Go out and get the books now!  Then come back and read and discuss things with me here.  Its much more fun if you’ve read the books too.

I’ll throw up a Spoiler break here just in case.

There is a death, a reveal, and a huge set up for the next round of books.  Oh yes, Supurbia will return as an ongoing.  If these four issues are viewed as a pilot, then the series got a multiple season pick up and syndication will be imminent.

Anyways, to the book.  The theme of this issue is perception, and we’re including every meaning of that word.

There is the perception of heroes.  They don’t have to be perfect and “good” all the time.  They can’t be.  Its impossible for anyone – human, alien or god – to be perfect every time.  However, as the old saying goes, perception equals reality.  It doesn’t matter that Sovereign is just an outright bastard at home.  The public needs to see him as perfect.  It doesn’t matter that Helen did something a little evil out of love and noble intentions.  She did something evil.  Also, we can think that Sovereign is on top of Helen, but then that perspective comes in again.  Helen drops down to the bed and you realize we’re witnessing a very real and scary moment in three dimensions.  Tons of credit to Grace for writing that scene and Russel for pulling it off.

Then there is the perception of culture.  Batu’s culture states that the women are the strongest, the best, the rulers over all things male. To see her son inherit her gifts instead of her daughter goes against everything her culture has taught her.  There is no other word for it than an “abomination”.  The strongest, most famous female super hero in the world shouldn’t think of men as subservient – at least not publicly so.  But at home, the XX rules and her reaction is all at once genuine, empathetic and absolutely horrible.  Eli is not only discovering that heroes aren’t good or perfect all the time, he is discovering it about his parents as well.

To be cheesy, here’s the blurb: “Does for super heroes’ supporting casts what Watchmen did for super heroes.”

It is the concept of how we see those around us, and the horrible truths within, that is the arc of this issue – and now I see it throughout the series.  Your parents, your children, your grandmother (Ruth), your partners (Nightfox) – none of them are perfect.  All of them have had failures, all of them have thoughts and deeds that you would disagree with if you knew of them.

One of my best friends said, “there are no real adults”.  Your childish perception of an adult – responsible, happy, bill paying, has all the answers – does not exist.  I feel that Supurbia is saying, there are no real heroes.  The super ones are only human and the human ones cant be super.

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