Marvel Comics Announces Wolverine: Sabretooth Reborn. Fans Say Meh.

Coming from Marvel Comics, Jeph Loeb, Jeanine Schaefer and Simone Bianchi.

Sabretooth was killed five years ago in Wolverine: Evolution.  Now he’s coming back.

Marvel did a Next Big Thing chat on their site to announce the story line and hype it up.  The story will involve Sabretooth’s rebirth.  Now, some fans will say, but didn’t he already come back in the pages of Wolverine and the X-Men?

Yes.  This is meant to show his inner motivations.  He died, spent some time on the other side, and came back.  This should change a man, and thus it is a character study of Sabretooth.

I think Sabretooth is still upset over the time Wolverine called him a kike.

The story was said to be a “singular story” about Wolverine… and Sabretooth.  Also: Romulus, Cloak and Dagger.  And Jeph Loeb promised cameos from other Marvel characters.  In this singular story.

My followers on Twitter let out a collective “meh” when the news was announced.  If Marvel hadn’t called it an NBT then the reaction would have been better.  As a regular solicit the story sounded interesting.  But as a Next Big Thing – as in at the same level of AVX or Secret Invasion or on and on?  No, it is not that big.  Or that next.

Wolverine #310 by Jeph & Simone, kicking off the four-part Sabretooth Reborn will be out July 4.


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