So Why is the WWE Intercontinental Champion Christian Appearing for TNA?

Dixie Carter of TNA Impact Wrestling sent out this tweet earlier today:

I know, you’re all thinking why the hell is Christian going to be at TNA.  I thought he was going to be hanging out backstage.  Which is fine, but a stupid thing to publicly tweet about.

Nope, its even better.  Christian will be appearing for TNA tonight.  While under contract for WWE!  As the company’s reigning Intercontinental champion!

How did this happen?

Remember when Ric Flair appeared at the 2012 WWE Hall of Fame so he could be inducted (again) as a member of the IV Horsemen?  Well, he was still under TNA contract at that time.  WWE and TNA worked out a deal, and Chrisitan’s appearance at this show seems to be the result of that deal.

Not a bad thing to do.  Christian gets to see some old friends, WWE gets everything they wanted out of this.  I can only imagine Christian wont be wrestling.  No need to risk one of your champions getting injured while working for another company.

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