Top 4 Film/TV Libraries that Need to Sign with Netflix.


There is far too much crap on television today.  Thankfully, there has never been so many outlets for something else to entertain the masses.  Whether blogs like this one, YouTube, podcasts or the topic to be discussed here – Netflix.  The great thing about Netflix (well, one of many) is that new content is constantly added.  However, not everything is available.  Yet these libraries are not easily available by other means.  Sure, its one thing when a show like Big Bang Theory still has new episodes and is also on in syndication at damn near any time of day.  But what about all of those other shows?  The ones that there is just no way to sit down and watch without spending thousands of dollars on DVDs.  That is, if all of the content is even out on DVD.  No, its time for these companies to suck it up, embrace the digital age, and put all of their content online for the masses.  Hell, I’d be willing to pay $3o a month, double my current Netflix bill, for this privilege.

(Side note: I’m sure there are many legal issues behind all of this that I am not aware of.  This post is not about how likely these ideas are, only that they would be good ideas.)

So lets see four of these.

4.  Soap operas

I mean really, why the hell not?  Soaps are declining in ratings and many have been cancelled.  Yet there is an entire channel devoted to them with an incredibly loyal fan base.  There are literally thousands if not hundreds of thousands of hours of soap operas already recorded.  Other than SoapNet and an occasional tribute or “best of” clip show, what is anyone doing with all of that content?  Nothing.  Its sitting there collecting dust.  So why not digitize all of them and throw it up on Netflix?  Imagine the soap opera lover in your family with access to all of these shows.  There are almost 10,000 episodes of the Young and the Restless (my mom’s favorite) alone.  No, I’m not expecting anyone to watch ALL of these episodes (although no doubt someone will).  But why not have them all on there?  Lots of famous actors started out on soap operas, so it even has use from a “historical” perspective.  I see a complete series Dark Shadows set comes out later this year.  I think that will be the measuring stick.  I also would not be surprised if that complete series is on Netflix in full within a year.

3. Any sporting event besides the current season.

Both YES and ESPN Classic are big cable channels.  But they either cant play or don’t have access to everything.  Sports fans are obsessive.  Of course they would want to rewatch all seven games from a World Series.   Maybe they would like to see the first championships won by Michael Jordan, or Tiger Woods, or the legendary season from the Pittsburgh Steelers.  No matter what your favorite sport is, there is a craving during the off season.  That could be satiated by a combined effort from MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL and on and on to allow Netflix access to their libraries.  Again, this takes no money away from the franchises.  99% (if not higher) of these games are never going to be seen in full again.  Nor are they available to purchase in any form.  Fans would look up games that they went to years ago.  Maybe a grown man sees himself in the crowd as a child.  It could be magical.

2. MTV/VH1/Nicelodeon (et al.)

Alright, no joke here, this would have historical significance.  As networks that have to cater to a very specific age group and constantly adapt to their changing wants and desires, the MTV networks are in a constant state of flux.  As a look of the last 30 years of pop culture and society, these shows need to be available to all.  I’m thinking of the videos and the shows from MTV.  If hundreds of episodes of Headbangers Ball hosted by Riki Rachtman showed up on Netflix tonight then you can all go to hell for the next couple of weeks while I reclaim my teenage years.  Alternative Nation with Kennedy.  Yo MTV Raps.  Have you ever looked at how many current sexual icons got their start on Undressed.  You know, the late night MTV soap opera that usually involved girls in their underwear?  Christina Hendricks.  I think I have you sold.  Plus there is the Nickelodeon part of this library.  I’m going to just run some titles by you so you can salivate at the possibilities.  GUTS, Double Dare, Hey Dude, Salute Your Shorts, Pinwheel, Are You Afraid of the Dark, Mr Wizard’s World.  Many of the classic Nickelodeon cartoons are already on Netflix, so there is hope for this venture.

1.  WWE

Are you new to Team Hellions?  Of course this was going to be number one.  WWE has been buying up every wrestling library they can, and they have done wonders with it.  WWE Classics on Demand is a good start, but what of the long delayed WWE Network.  Well, here’s a crazy idea:  the WWE Network on YouTube.  Upload all 1000 episodes of Raw to start.  Give me classic PPVs.  You’re never going to put all the In Your House shows on DVD Vince.  Throw them up here.  Old WCW, ECW, AWA, Memphis, Canada, Ohio – there is no limit to content here.  Going back to the 70s in good condition, and then partially back to the 1950s with rumors of some footage as far back as the 1930s there is no limit to the content here.  I would take weeks off of work if it meant watching Tuesday Night Titans in full.  Fuji Vice!  As wrestling historians and bloggers, this would be the greatest thing to be done for the sport.  I would even accept commercial breaks hyping up what’s coming this week on Raw and Smackdown.

Extend it to the WWE Network current shows idea too.  Have Raw on a day or week later.   Debut NXT and Superstars not on YouTube, but on Netflix.  And hey, WWE, here’s a BIG reason to do this.  TNA is about to.  You don’t want that number two promotion to do something before you now do you?

Tomorrow, top 4 cartoon libraries I want to see added!

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