Top 4 of FCW 6/10/12

Sunday’s episode of FCW is pretty much full for the one hour show. It has a promo from Seth Rollins, which might be his best yet, talking about his match with Dean Ambrose next week. Summer Rae and Rob Naylor, in a fetching matching pink, concede Maxine’s office to Dusty Rhodes. Raquel Diaz came out looking Gaga’d up. Wait, what? Uh, the blue lipstick has to go…

4. Audrey Marie vs. Paige accompanied by Sofia Cortez

Audrey Marie just is not improving in the ring. As a former champion she does not live up to the ability that should claim and is trumped even more because she’s facing off against Paige, who is nearly flawless in her abilities. This match also continues the destruction of Paige and Sofia’s alliance as Sofia’s quick hands are the reason Paige loses this match.

3. Big E Langston vs. Bo Dallas

Big E Langston (who I suspect will end up with a name change at some point) gets all of the offense in during this match. He beats up Dallas (formerly Rotundo), he beats him up some more, he beats him up again, and then Dallas wins with a spear. Langston sells this spear like the champ he should be because it’s the best Bo-Bo’s looked with a spear yet. Great display of Langston’s abilities, but not a great match.

2. Rick Victor vs. CJ Parker

This is where we get into great match territory. The first two matches, while good, did not live up to these two. I had a hard time choosing which I preferred, but in the end the great Rick Victor, with new ring gear and music, faced off with CJ Parker, with new ring gear and music, fell into #2. Parker’s put on a bit more muscle, and it cost him in movement during this match, almost like he’s not quite used to it yet, while Victor continued to be the dominant wrestler he is.

1. Mike Dalton & Xavier Woods vs. Jake Carter & Corey Graves

Dalton and Woods had on new shiny pants, which I loved, and it must have given them super-powers because they won this match-up. But that’s not to discredit Carter and Graves in any way. This was a fast paced match where there were never any lulls. Both tag teams work like tag teams should, knowing when to tag, knowing when to help out. It’s a smooth match and starts off the show with a bang. When a show starts off hot it’s hard to turn away.

Sorry, no pics this time, here, watch the episode instead!

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