A WWE PPV Has Me Backed Into A Corner: WWE No Way Out Predictions

It’s been three years since the last No Way Out Pay-Per-View, and It’s one that I’ve missed immensely. After all, it’s the site of Eddie Guererro’s first WWE title win, one of the first non In Your House titled shows, and is one of the brands longest running PPV titles, aside from the main four (Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, Summer Slam, Survivor Series.). This years event breaks the winter tradition that No Way Out had and with it’s image and lineup, looks to be one hell of a PPV.

Brodus Clay vs. David Otunga

Every match on the card, for the most part, has a great story backing it. For Clay vs. Otunga, Clay’s rise has been great, he has a gimmick that works for him, and he’s been using it to win matches. Otunga though, does have a great angle, but hasn’t found a decent enough outlet to showcase how great he can be. This match seems like it has to be a must win for Otunga, or forever be associated as Hover Round Owner/People Power Pixie Johnny Ace. Winner: David Otunga

Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler

When Del Rio suffered the concussion, Dolph was the perfect candidate. He’s major title ready, he just needs the build up to get him to that title run. This match is it, If WWE plays it’s cards right, Ziggler has the ability to hold this title later on this year. Lately, he’s been getting the short end of the stick, but I think a well placed loss or a DQ serves Ziggler well here. Winner: Sheamus

CM Punk (WWE Champion) vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Kane

AJ will be involved, there’s no question about it but after Monday night, what side is she really on. I’m still thinking Punk, but a great heel turn seeing Kane with a crazy girlfriend may be his best angle yet from his love triangle story lines. I’d like to see her go that way…fuck it, I think she’ll go that way, I’m good at talking myself into shit. Winner: Kane

Tie-breaker 1: Kane Pins Punk

Christian (Intercontinental Champion) vs. Cody Rhodes

Rhodes needs to move on from this title. He had a great run, he needs a bigger push, he’s got the tools, talent, look, mic skills (sort of), he’s got it all. Christian is still fresh with this title, he’s not going to lose it. Rhodes, I hope from here, will be getting bigger, main event style matches. Winner: Christian

Layla (Divas Champion) vs. Beth Phoenix 

The bastardization of Phoenix has been slowing down, especially with big wins on Superstars. I’m tired of Layla, honestly, I want fucking Kharma damnit! WWE WHERE IS FUCKING KHARMA, AND DON’T GIVE ME THAT BULLSHIT ABOUT NOT HAVING A STORY ANGLE! With that said, I think Phoenix has it here, she’s looking strong for sure. Winner: Beth Phoenix

John Cena vs. Big Show

I am soooooo tired of the “you’re fired” story lines that I really don’t give a fuck, that’s right, no fucks are given about this damn match! Big Show looks strong right now, no doubt about it, though he’s feuding with everybody else except for John Cena right now. Why is he trying to kill Lil Jimmy? Trying to make the kids hate him too? OK back to it. John Cena has to win this, his loss record, aside from Extreme Rules is getting embarrassing, and this match will be a great boost to him cuz you know, the kids got to love him. Won’t somebody think about the kids? Winner: John Cena

Tie-breaker 2: How long will the Ryback Squash last?

Two minutes, 45 seconds.

Tie-breaker 3: How many times does Triple H say, “Brock Lesnar”

8 Times seems enough before my brain explodes.

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