Spider-Men #1 Review.

From Marvel Comics, Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli.

As a starting point its fine.  However, this will very clearly read better as a graphic novel.

Spider-Man is having a classic Spidey in New York moment when he sees a crazy plume of light.  As a responsible super hero, he investigates.  Within the mysterious warehouse Spider-Man discovers some strange tech and figures out that it is Mysterio behind the light show.  On queue, the fish bowl villain enters and a fight takes place.  Accidents happen, and our favorite wall crawler gets sucked into the light show.  He comes to, swings around a different New York City and runs into the Ultimate Spider-Man.  And that’s issue one.

Necessary of course.  In order to get to an exciting Act 2, we need Act 1.  The potential looks great.  An experienced writer of both versions of Spider-Man.  But the star of the show is the art.  Thus far, Spider-Man looks as he should.  Not overly muscular, more of an acrobat’s body.  Its a, dare I say, spectacular looking Spidey.

In the final pages of the book Peter realizes the big difference in this world (well, besides, you know, everything else that is a major difference).  In this world, the ultimate world, Peter Parker is beloved.  In death he may have done more than he ever did in life.

A lot of fans are predicting what this series will do for Miles Morales.  Miles is great, but he is also new.  Meeting 616 Peter Parker, sitting under the learning web, can do nothing other than make Miles into a better hero.  But what of the flip side?  Already in the first issue Peter is shown how much he matters.  In another universe too!  While its not yet known if any of this will be recognized in “official” continuity the possible events could reinvigorate Peter Parker.

There are few things more enjoyable in comic books than seeing a hero be a hero.  Captain America standing up to Thanos.  Superman against the Elite.  Both of these Spider-Men will have iconic moments in this series.  While yes, this is just a set up issue – its a set up for something great.

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