Top 4 of NXT 6/13/12

The last episode of NXT Season 5, also known as NXT: Redemption. It’s a bit heart-breaking as we ended up watching this show take on a life of its own and become an excellent showcase of talent as opposed to wrestling bad matches and using challenges for redemption points. However, on the horizon is a show that combines our favorites from NXT with our favorites in FCW. That’s why…

4. The NXT Trailer

I am a huge fan of FCW so upon seeing some of my favorites in this trailer for the new NXT made me squeal. A bit. Sort of. Maybe. Okay, a lot of squealing like a school girl, leave me alone. The point is I will soon have a show that not only combines Mike Dalton, Rick Victor, Ascension, Garrett Dylan, Summer Rae, okay, I’m stopping, you get the point. There is some incredible talent in FCW that go mostly unnoticed and I love the chance and opportunity this will give them to wow you.

3. Johnny Curtis and Michael McGillicutty vs. The Usos

Curtis and McGillicutty make a good tag team because they seem to have working together down to an art, however their styles are so similar that you could have had just one in the ring the whole time and it would have seemed to be the same match. Curtis and McGillicutty, as Scott would say, are the “ground and pound,” type. The Usos strive on being quicker. Still excellent to see these men in this capacity for the last time. They all grew on me during this season.

2. Kaitlyn vs. Natalya

These two divas are in my top four of divas, along with Maxine and Layla. Kaitlyn and Natalya have this spark in the ring, especially with each other. They are both beautiful and talented and never take themselves too seriously while at the same time taking what they are doing in the ring to heart. I was so tickled by this match I nearly made it number one, but nothing can beat…

1. Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins vs. Derrick Bateman and Percy Watson

I mean, come on. Two of my favorite men in the company were in this match. Granted, on opposing teams, but I didn’t really lose either way. Hawkins is no slouch himself! Reks and Bateman go at each other and for awhile Bateman looks like he could win against the man, but ultimately Bateman and Watson do lose to the Kings of Change. An excellent match to start up the end and to give us a chance to say goodbye to the men who have made us laugh, cringe, and cheer.

And thanks to @SunnyDewhite for this wonderful NXT Tribute. As it goes out we say goodbye…


  1. The Kaitlyn vs. Natalya match was good, but a bit weird. Kaitlyn hasn’t seemed to pick up some timing yet, and was jumping on Nattie a little earlier then we think she should. This lead to a bit of awkwardness. It might be the no1 match for the amount of pinfall attempts we have ever witnessed.

    It was good to see the Kings of Change finish out the show, even though Sweet Meat got pinned.

    It will be interesting to see where the show goes from now, including the #FCW peeps.

    We are in no hurry to have Bray all over the screen though… #Boring….But there are a ton of other great talents in #FCW… although a few could use a bit more muscle work. Also the random Bo Rotundo name change this week is weird as well..

    We have not read any spoilers (if any) of the new #FCWNXT series yet… so it will be interesting in what way they handle everything. If it will hook into the WWE Universe or what…



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