Top 4 of Superstars 6/14/12

I’ve noticed lately on Superstars the Raw portion has been consistently using “bigger” names while Smackdown seems to get the “throwaways” or “jobbers.” However, Smackdown usually has the better match. Is this week any different?

4. The Usos vs. Prime Time Players

Though they aren’t introduced as Prime Time Players, I’m sticking with the name Titus O’Neil and Darren Young came up for themselves. This wasn’t a bad match, but calling it a good match might be a stretch as well. The antics of the PTP were fun and Scott gave us little tidbits on Young’s hair and why he had a pick go through it before the match began, but the match itself… Let’s just say both tag teams have done better.

3. Zack Ryder vs. Michael McGillicutty

This certainly wasn’t last week’s match with Jack Swagger. This one was to give the #1 Borski a win back and so they gave it to him against McGillicutty. McGillicutty looks good, as does Ryder, and it was a match that had me cheering (quietly for McGillicutty since I’m Scott’s #1 fan I feel dirty when I don’t cheer for Ryder). However after this match came the match of the night, and possibly the match of the week, and everything else that went on in the show paled in comparison.

2. Justin Gabriel vs. Hunico

Since Gabriel’s return he’s decided to make me like him more than I did before. I never disliked Gabriel, but I was not a fan of the 450 and that seemed to be what they were pushing Gabriel for. He’s returned and seemed to have picked up speed and been trying a few different moves that fit into a style he’s comfortable with. Against Hunico, who people forget is a damn good wrestler that was drowned in what has been brushed off as a stereotype character and never taken seriously for that reason. This match proves their timing, and control when they both miss the commentator’s table and Matt Striker has to stand up to check on them. As of today, this is match of the week for me.







1. Scott Stanford (with special nod to Matt Striker)

We all know I think Scott is the best commentator on this planet, but Striker does need some appreciation as well, especially during this episode. He seemed to remember how good he really is and while he may have only commentated one match, he proved again why he was a great commentator who deserved to still be doing PPVs, not Superstars only. Scott continues to prove he should be doing more. He explains why he knows what he knows about the superstars which is simply, he goes up and asks them. He finds out what makes them tick and why they are in the ring. What happened backstage, what is happening in their careers, and what he should know about their pasts that make them a contender. For twenty minutes of onscreen time the man does his homework, takes his notes, and helps bring the entertainment home.

Scott Stanford’s Best Lines of the Week

“Thanks for the answer by the way.”

“To make him feel good I might have to watch it once or twice.” – About Ryder’s new DVD

“Into your living room with that Broski Boot!”

“If your hair is nappy, nobody is going to be happy.”

“That slap just reverberated throughout the arena.”

“But if they can back it up, is it cocky or confidence?”

“They shout out millions of dollars, I just shout out couple of bucks.”


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