How the WWE Universe is Predicting the No Way Out PPV Tonight.


Its that time again.  The queen of social networking, Solace Winter, has been taking predictions all week for WWE No Way Out.  Patterns emerge.  Is the WWE too predictable?  Or are all of us “smart” fans not really that smart?  Lets see what everyone is saying.

81 picks are in!

75 of those fans pick Brodus Clay to win tonight, for a whopping 93% of the vote.  Only five pick David Otunga, with one picking neither.

66 fans pick Sheamus to retain the title, for 81%.

In the three way match, 48 pick CM Punk, 26 say Daniel Bryan and only 6 are guessing Kane – for 59%, 32% and 7% respectively.

Almost running away with this one, 73 fans think Christian will win, with only 8 picking Cody Rhodes, giving Christian 90% of the fans predictions.

Layla more than doubles the picks for Beth Phoenix, with 55 to the Glamazon’s 26.  That’s 68%.

The steel cage match is the closest one to call, with 42 fans saying John Cena wins and 38 guessing the Big Show.  That is 52% to 47% with one fan picking a draw.  The draw is 1%, BTW.

44 fans believe that Kane will be pinned in the match.  24 think Bryan, and only 12 say it will be the current champion.  For those keeping score and reading along, that is 54%, 30% and 15%.

Lets guess Ryback’s time.  Will he defeat 1, 2 or 3 jobbers this time?  How much does he need to be fed?  26 of the fans think the match will be under 3 minutes, that’s 32%.  Closely followed by 22 fans guessing under 2 minutes for 27%.  1 guess for no match, 7 for under 1 munute, 17 for under 4, 4 for under 5 minutes and 3 brave thinking it will go over 5 minutes.

How many times will Triple H say “Brock Lesnar”?  5, 6 and 7 times are the big guesses, with 12, 11, and 13 fans guessing those numbers.  That gives 5 times 15%, 6 times 14%, and 7 times 16%.  The rest of the fans round out as follows:  2 fans pick 0 times, 2 fans pick 2 times, 6 pick 3 times and 6 other fans pick 4 times.  7 fans say “Brock Lesnar” is said 8times.  4 fans pick 9, only one fan each for 10, 11 and 12 times.  2 fans pick 13, back to one fan for 14 times.  15 times is the guess of 2 fans, 16 and 17 times with one vote each.  2 guess 20 times.  Finishing it out: 21, 22, 27, 58, and 65 times are guessed by 1 fan each.

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