Daily Top 4: The Top 4 People You Didn’t Realize Were In ‘Band of Brothers’

So, I’ve been on a Band of Brothers, and more so, a WWII kick lately. Making purchases, reading memoirs, and learning as much as I can about the time period. Within that I’ve watched episodes from the mini series for the last two weeks, every night without fail. Through the episodes, I have noticed actors that I never realized were in it, that have gone on to do other great things. Warning, if you haven’t seen the series there are SPOILERS most likely ahead.

Honorable Mention

Jimmy Fallon

I’ll admit it was kind of odd seeing him in this series. As 2nd Lt. George C. Rice he makes an amo dump and warns the men that they will be surrounded. Granted it was only for a few seconds, but it was worth a second take.

4. Kirk Acevedo

Fringe fans will recognize this face as FBI Agent Charlie Francis, granted this isn’t his only accolade, but it’s the one I go to first, well aside from BOB. Here he plays Staff Sergeant Joseph Toye. Sadly, Toye lost a leg at Bastogne, but his contribution to the group was quite significant. In his service, Toye earned the most purple hearts of any soldier in Easy Company, a total of 4, but was known for jumping right back in the fight. Acevedo plays a hell of a role here, particularly that heartbreaking scene where he loses his leg.

3. James McAvoy

Before McAvoy was in such greats as The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wordrobe,  Atonement, and most recently as Professor X in X-Men: First Class, he was Private James Miller, a replacement in Easy Company. Sadly, he was killed during Operation Market Garden in a failed siege of Eindhoven located in the Netherlands. The episode that featured McAvoy revolved around that failed siege and the replacements that came in to fill the void of fallen soldiers.

2. Simon Pegg

When this series came out, nobody in America really knew who Simon Pegg was. It wasn’t until 2004 and Shaun of the Dead that most became familiar with his work. Before that, he was known, among other things as First Sergeant William Evans. He never made it out of the plane on D-Day, most speculate that it went down in a barrage of anti-aircraft fire, but in the few scenes that he was in, he was the right hand man of the commanding officer. In his last scene he looked a little nervous about jumping on D-Day.

1. Michael Fassbender

Like Simon Pegg, no one knew who Fassbender was in 2001 either. Band of Brothers, at least on his Wikipedia page, is his first accredited work, as Sergeant Burton Christenson. In his most famous scene, Christenson was found, at the end of a march in basic training, to have drank from his canteen after instructed not to (Pictured Above). For that, he was forced to repeat the march, a whole 12 miles. There are scenes with Fassbender laced throughout the series particularly the ones based in Bastogne. He’s gone on to do great things, I don’t think I need to mention them.

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