Top 4 Matches of the Week in WWE June 10 – 16, 2012

I always do Top 4s, but this week I would have loved to have added more. There are several honorable mentions, but I’m going to list them all. Instead, many of them are going to be on the poll at the bottom. For now, the Top 4 matches that had me blown away this week.

4. Tyler Reks & Curt Hawkins vs. Derrick Bateman & Percy Watson – NXT

If I was completely biased, this would have been number one! Instead, I’m only slightly biased. This match seemed to star Reks and Bateman against one another, though Hawkins shines because let’s face it, he’s incredible. Watson may not have lived up to the other three men in the ring, but considering he was hardly featured it helped this match. The best match for NXT and gets a mention during a week when there was some incredible wrestling in WWE TV.

3. Sheamus vs. Tensai – RAW

I never thought that I would be saying this, but not only was this one of the matches of the week, but it was definitely the best match on RAW, and a RAW that had good matches to begin with. Sheamus and Tensai went at one another like they were trying to mutilate one another and I’m sorry during the commercial break we had missed some of it, part of the reason being live and cutting to commercials during a match can suck. Once in a while I like out and out brutality and the two gave as good as they received and made me want to watch Raw all over again.

2. Mike Dalton & Xavier Woods vs. Jake Carter & Corey Graves – FCW

Besides my obsession with Dalton and Woods having matching pants, and Carter and Graves just having the right attitudes and looks, the four men always put on an excellent show. This also might be the last time we see these teams working as tag teams as FCW on television is coming to an end and some have moved on to NXT. These four do prove in this match why some of them will be major superstars one day.

1. Hunico vs. Justin Gabriel – Superstars

Did you see this match? If you did not you are depriving yourself. Justin Gabriel returned from injury with better form and more passion for what he’s doing. He’s found his rhythm and shows it off against Hunico, who despite being nothing more than a jobber now, is one of the ten best wrestlers within the company. And I said wrestler, honest to goodness athlete, not character. Character… they did their best to brush him aside. If you watch Superstars for any match from the past week, watch it for this.

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