Full Season of Space Stallions to Be Made?! The “Lost” 1980s Show Lives!


For those of you unfamiliar with this:

Students at the Animation Workshop in Denmark had to create a graduation project.  They took their new animation skills and a love of 1980s cartoons to create their own concept.  That of a group of space faring horse based heroes called the Space Stallions.  They put their project on YouTube.

And people fell in love with it.  It looks like it should have existed.  If you saw this video and someone told you it was produced in Japan in the 1980s and never brought over to the States, you would believe it.

Well, a group called GunHil has decided that they want to make this a reality.  26 half hour episodes are about to be made.  They hope to have something to show in September at the Cartoon Forum in France.


All of us Children of the 80s will have fingers crossed in hopes this project happens.

Check out the original video:



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