Avengers vs. X-Men #5 Review.

Yes, I’m a little late, but I had to read this to prepare for number 6 later today.  So what happened.  Remember, we talk about spoilers on here.  So, there will be the cover, then a spoiler break, and then if anything is ruined for you later on its your own fault.


Last chance, spoiler alert!

Two things happen here.  Well, two and a half.  Iron Man builds a mecha armor.  Lots of stuff is going on in other issues that makes you think maybe you should be buying the other issues (that’s the half).  And finally the Phoenix Force chooses  a host.

Iron Man’s giant spacesuit armor thing is very cool.  However, it seems out of place.  In a book all about killing and sacrificing in battle against those who think differently than you, a giant toy advertisement is odd.  It looks cool for damn sure.  It is one of those things that reminds us of the joy and silliness that comics can include.  It is silly.  Its a giant space ship size Iron Man armor.  Logically, it shouldn’t exist.  Not at that size, not built at that speed.  Also, they may have had to rush to get the Iron Mecha made, but they still took the time for an Iron Man based paint job.

At the half, what is happening in the other titles?  The space team is shown in one panel.  Something is happening at K’un L’un or whatever.  Scarlet Witch has issues.  Legion is back and so is Professor X.  All of these are shown in one panel.  Want to know more about it?  Guess what you need to buy fifty other titles.

Finally, the Phoenix Force chooses its host.  Thanks to Iron Mecha the Phoenix literally shatters and falls upon five mutants.  Not Hope, because Hope has been weakened and the five hosts are merely “holding it for a friend”.  Also, why was Wolverine not chosen as well?  Guess the Phoenix wasn’t too happy about him trying to kill Hope.

So now we have five mutant gods about to walk the Earth.  Very cool twist in the story and I’m excited for what happens next.  However, the main title here apparently thinks that all of the side stories are only worth one panel each.  So maybe we should all be saving our money and only buy this book.

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