Avengers vs. X-Men #6 Review.

Hooooboy.  I’m not sure where to begin here.

Well, lets begin with there will be spoilers therein.  So be aware of the page break, and read through if you’re not worried about spoilers.

Yes, I bitched and complained about AVX VS demanding I use Marvel’s app to read.  However, I have hung my head in shame as I now am reading the Marvel Infinite comics version of this title today.  So much happens I needed that little extra!

The Phoenix Five sounds like a great name for an anime.  I’m not sure if I would prefer that to be patterned after Voltron or Speed Racer.

When did Professor X regain the ability to walk?

Colossus is becoming the Ultimo Dragon of the Marvel Universe.  Just collecting titles/powers.

Those comments aside, holy shit!  Cyclops might be my pick for the greatest super villain of the year by the end of this.  “Cyclops the First”.  That line is only in the infinite part of the book and it adds so much to the story.  Cyclops is becoming the greatest super villain in the Marvel Universe.  You agree with him… to a point.  I would call it Paradise Lost but there is a more fitting example in the comic book world.

Screw Before Watchmen, Cyclops is the new Ozymandius.

The Avengers actions are a bit messed up but in the world of politics and the global theater it makes sense.  Sure the Phoenix Five are doing some great things for the world.  But in the end, who could stand against them?  They become an unchecked global power.  The Avengers are no longer avenging, but pre-venging.  They stop playing defense and start on offense.  Best to try to check the Phoenix Five now then wait until they are too powerful and control the world.  Its a dangerous game, but it does make sense.

However, all of this only attracts the Scarlet Witch who is about to lay all of her cards down.  Her interference proves to be the event that pushes Cyclops over that final edge.  He knows he can take out the Avengers.  But Scarlet Witch is a threat.  If she sides with the Avengers, then that means the Avengers are now an actual threat as well.  Best way to stop them from being a threat?  Eliminate them.  “No More Avengers.”

Those three words are going to rattle the entire comics world.  The next issue of this comic will be huge.  Has a character that has been so long established as a hero ever taken this slow turn into villainy like Cyclops is currently doing?  Scott Summers is at the level of Doctor Doom now.  He believes his actions are justified.  He would not call himself a villain.  As Erik and Charles point out, the student has finally grown up and he has taken their teachings to his own end.

That look, every thing that Cyclops says here.  Its all terrifying.  Even worse, Cyclops is only one of five.  All five have been on both sides of the battle between good and evil before.  All five have done some shady shit.  The Phoenix Force did not attach itself to five of the most noble and upstanding mutants in the world.  Very bad things are going to happen for the next few months.  Halfway through this series Marvel has pushed it over into an all time great.


  1. “Has a character that has been so long established as a hero ever taken this slow turn into villainy like Cyclops is currently doing?”

    Iron Man, like 6 years ago…

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