Top 4 of NXT 6/20/12

There was so much lacking in new NXT. They were too concerned with trying to show you who you are supposed to be rooting for they forgot the reason NXT became popular again with the people who watched it was for the storytelling. Instead, I’m going to focus on what I enjoyed about NXT.

4. Bray Wyatt Promo

I was one of those people who actively disliked Husky Harris. I might have been in the minority, but his character didn’t have much going for him and while his wrestling skills were improving I wasn’t over my dislike. As Bray Wyatt he slowly began to win me over and this promo was the best one he’s done yet. His words went well with the soft southern sounds that fill the background along with shots that remind you of dark things happening in the swamps. I hope he keeps this, and works it into the character when he’s in the ring.

3. Ascension vs. Mike Dalton and CJ Parker

Really this one is about Ascension. The promo, the wrestling skills, they have it, but I had to give their opponents, Mike Dalton and CJ Parker, the nod because they are incredible athletes. But they were not who the new NXT wanted to showcase so they were brought out to lose to Ascension, Kenneth Cameron and Conor O’Brian. I still get chills when Ascension are mentioned, in the ring, have a promo, exist, and it was a particular fun highlight for me. I just wish they had been given a longer match, it would have shown their own skills while showing off the skills of Dalton and Parker.

2. Derrick Bateman and Johnny Curtis

YES! Some storytelling! The “hate” between Bateman and Curtis continues as they chat about their match next week on NXT. This after Curtis had just come out of the bathroom. Bateman asks him if he’s going to wash his hands and Curtis replies by wiping his hands on his shirt and saying, “They’re clean.” Bateman calls him a dirt bag and Regal in commentary says, “If I was Derrick Bateman I would rip his bloody throat out.” Looking forward to the match.

1. Michael McGillicutty vs. Tyson Kidd

Granted, I’ve seen these two put on better matches before, but they are still great in the ring and had the only match of the night that wasn’t a showcase for someone they want to promote. The first half of the show was filler, the second half of the show was almost story-telling without the same usual care. If you can’t give us the stories we wanted, at least continue to give us the matches we were used to. This isn’t Raw or Smackdown, and it’s not for a reason. No more squashes, give us two men (like McGillicutty and Kidd), two women, four men, whatever, that are out there to wrestle and show off their heart (pun intended).

Yes, I got a little more ranty than I meant to. I’m just hoping they are still working their way into a groove. We will see!


One comment

  1. Well its not the worst thing ever. Looks like there will be a bit of story, but it will take some time, since its all new wrestlers. By adding the FCW folks it will give NXT a bit more depth… since many have left to main roaster and all the other random things that happened on the original NXT. Unfortunately Bray has found his way to the new NXT… oh well.. its better than Husky.. Bo looks like he will be a big deal… meh… Ascension has survived so thats good… guess we’ll just have to see.

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