Annual Parking Garage Sale Finds!

A couple of weeks ago my current home town had its annual parking garage sale.  Three tiers of a parking garage full of every manner of sales.  People selling furniture, and deep fried foods, and crafts, and dirty baby clothes, and over priced “collectibles”.  I found some great things there.

I’ll get to the specifics therein momentarily.  Let me tell you about the sale.  I had to work at 1PM, and leave around noon for work.  The sale started at 9AM.  Meaning that there were 3 hours to look at everything.  Plus, I was only given $20 for the day.  This was going to be a challenge.  Well, as the stack shows I did alright.  There are 60 things in that stack.  Meaning that everything breaks down to about 33 cents each.  Not too shabby.

However, it also meant being very very careful and making tough decisions.  Box of comics for $5 each but you have nothing but 90s comics on top?  Pass.  Sure, there could be some great things buried inside, but I don’t have time for that.  There was one that was a little quicker to look through, but was still all 90s books for five bucks each.  If I had the whole day free, and a little more money, I would have made an offer.  It would have been an asshole of an offer though.  Something along the lines of, “this is grossly overpriced.  I’ll offer you 25 for the whole box, which I guarantee will still be here at the end of the day.  So if I’m right I’ll see you and this box in 8 hours.”  I’m all for being polite to fellow collectors but this was obviously one of those vultures that think they have something valuable.

I walked past a book of Dick Tracy collectibles.  5 dollars!?  For something I wanted as a curiosity, that’s not worth it.  Also, I was shocked at the amount of porn being sold.  Rows and rows of DVDs or VHS for sale, with an “adult” section.  Boxes of collectible Playboys.  I’m not saying there isn’t a market for it.  And I’m sure these sellers are making some cash off of them.  But maybe place them somewhere out of the reach of all the children that are running around here?

So I made some tough decisions and negotiated with a few tables, and walked away with the stack you see above.  Lets take a more detailed look at it.

SeaLab 2021 Season One was only two bucks.  I love Adult Swim cartoons, but I ebb and flow with which ones I follow.  I’ve seen most if not all of Aqua Teen and Home Movies.  Sealab though just missed me until the last season.  Its always been one that I want to get into from the beginning but I never wanted to drop the money on the overpriced DVDs I usually see in stores.  Two dollars though?  Sold!  I cant wait to get into this.

This Tara and Willow set is a little beat up, but for 5 dollars I’m alright with that.  There’s a good chance I’ll take it out of the package and display it all.  However, if I do that then I need to figure out two things first.  One, an overall Buffy the Vampire Slayer shelf needs to be made.  Put some of our books and comics on it and have the figures around it.  Two, I need to be sure there is space for all of those accessories.  Because OMG its Miss Kitty Fantastico!!!  Mr and Mrs Hellions here have watched all episodes of Buffy and Angel and seeing little things like this included with the figures are wonderful.  Its my first experience with the Buffy toys, so I have my fingers crossed that there are other cool things within this line.  (Some of you might be laughing at me for this.)

But this… what the hell is this?!  0008 Meets Gnatman.  Its by Clyde Allison.  From Leisure Books and a Corinth Publication.  1966.  And all for a quarter.  Just to find out more about it, this is well worth a quarter.  It doesn’t hurt that Gnatman here reminds me of the Monarch from Venture Bros.  I’ll be reading it later and doing a full write up soon.

So lets look at the comics I bought.

The prices on these ranged from 25 cents to 3 dollars.  I cant remember which was which price now, but either way I did well.  Any of the recent ones were a quarter each.  Found someone selling off their last year of comic book buying.  I bought his whole box for 8 dollars.  Very happy with it.  You see that stack, but let me tell you in detail what I found there.

Also, I’ll be starting to do stuff on eBay soon, so if you see something here make me an offer and we’ll eliminate the eBay and Paypal process.

Star Wars Rite of Passage graphic novel.

Gen 13 graphic novel

Generation X/Gen 13 #1 – both Marvel and Image versions.

Vampirella 20th anniversary special

Spider-Woman #40

Avengers #231

Outsiders (1985) #1

Kevin Keller #1

Wolverine and the X-Men #1

Avengers vs X-Men #1

Batman The Brave and the Bold #14

Star Trek/Legion of Super Heroes #3

Dark Shadows (Dynamite) #1

Marvel Point One

Superman and Friends – Energy and Safety Adventures (free give away from conEdison?)

New Mutants #36

Godzilla (Marvel) #19

Tomb Raider 1/2 (Wizard)

Witchblade Tomb Raider 1/2 (Wizard)

What If Volume 1 #31

Micronauts (Marvel) #1

The last part of the batch is all DC New 52 titles:

Teen Titans 1, 2

Swamp Thing 1

Supergirl 2, 3, 4

Savage Hawkman 1, 2, 3, 4

Mister Terrific 1, 2

Legion of Super Heroes 1, 2

Justice League International 1, 2, 3

Justice League Dark 1, 2

Hawk and Dove 1, 2

Frankenstein Agent of SHADE 1, 2, 3, 4

Flash 1

Batwing 1

Blackhawks 1, 2

Batgirl 1

Animal Man 1, 2

All Star Western 1, 2, 3


Not too bad huh?  And again, all of this for $20!

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