Executive Assistant: Assassins #1 Preview from Aspen Comics.

Coming out July 5th from Aspen Comics is Executive Assistant: Assassins #1.

This is a great looking title that I know my friend Ramon from Pete’s Basement will be picking up right after the holiday.

You don’t have to take the words of people from New York like me and Ramon.  Find out what Aspen themselves have to say about their newest title:

Vince Hernandez ¬ Writer / Jordan Gunderson ¬ Art / Teo Gonzalez – Colors

Aspen’s first-ever ongoing series begins right here!

They are raised and trained to protect and serve their masters with discipline, loyalty and often violence if necessary‹they are the Executive Assistants. Yet, what tales of corruption and depravity, aggression and fatal destinies await them on each of their collective paths? Find out in this fresh jumping-on point showcasing new and deadly Executive Assistants each and every month! Kicking off this exciting debut release is the beginning of a three-part story, “Life After Death”, featuring the popular Executive Assistant, Lily, and her attempts to piece together a life after losing her master along with her allies. She will learn the price of freedom is often as costly‹and fatal‹as a life of servitude! EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT:  ASSASSINS starts now!!!

EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT: ASSASSINS #1 is in stores July 5th, 2012!

This is an exciting new series.  The Executive Assistant limited series have been hugely popular and there is a loyal fan base eagerly awaiting this new series.

If four covers featuring some of the best comic book art you have ever seen isn’t enough then lets sweeten the offer.  If you act now, we’ll include 5 pages of preview art.  But you have to call now!

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