Spider-Man #2 Review.

The dimension spanning crossover we never thought we would see continues!

Peter Parker of the classic Marvel Universe and Miles Morales of the Ultimate Universe met last issue.  Every single thing you’ve learned about comics says that of course they must fight.  And they do.  But never before has it been for such a good reason.  Peter Parker, who has had his life destroyed multiple times, has someone he has never seen before and dressed as a version of his alter ego calling him by his given name.  Everything within Peter screams danger in this scenario.  Could be a clone, or at the very worst someone trying to take him out and replace him.

However, here is where the nobility of both characters comes into play.  Peter wants answers, and wants to put down Miles long enough (yet safe enough) to get those answers.  Miles is trying to protect himself and incapacitate Peter in order to get his own answers.  Sure its the requisite fight but at least the reasons behind it make sense.  Not in an Avengers vs X-Men “we disagree so we must fight” kind of way.  No, in a real way.  If you have been through years of pain some scenarios call for a shoot first and ask questions later response.

Peter’s years of experience counter Miles’s cool 21st century powers.  I wouldn’t say that the Morales version of a Spider-Man costume is cooler, but his powers are rather extraordinary.  It is a great sparring match, and I don’t think either man came out as the winner.  Yes, Miles’s “sting” took out Peter but that’s a one time trick.  No way it fools Peter for a second time.

Speaking of questions, Peter’s “one question” to Nick Fury is one of the best comic book panels of the year.  Peter sums up 50 years of story in one shot and despite it being long winded it is a brilliant monologue.  Then the cooler Nick Fury responds in a way that only cool Nick Fury could.

Its only the second issue though, so we still can look forward to more battles with Mysterio and more lessons between the two Spider-Men.  Everything is there for this story to become one of the best Spider-Man stories of all time.  Certainly the one with the most heart.

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