Spider-Man to Get a Teen Sidekick?!

Holy crap!

I was just thinking the other day, why doesn’t Marvel have all the teen sidekicks like DC Comics?  I mean, I’m aware that a lot of it is because the teen sidekicks were bigger in the Golden Age and most of Marvel came about in the Silver Age.  Sure there’s Bucky but he was gone for decades.

Anyways, lets find out all about Spider-Man’s new sidekick.

Check out the images and quotes from the press release.  I found these at Newsarama and Bleeding Cool.

In this story, we find that Peter Parker’s days as photographer for the Daily Bugle are behind him and he’s now a scientist at a research firm. Andy is part of a student field trip that visits Parker’s lab. He’s in the wrong place (or perhaps the right place) at the wrong time when Parker’s invention malfunctions and zaps him with great power. Parker – haunted by the way he got his own super abilities and how his failure to use them led to the murder of his beloved Uncle Ben so many years ago – feels an even greater responsibility to help young Andy. He feels he must help him discover his powers and teach him how to use them responsibly.

So, the team of Spider-Man and Alpha is born. Spidey has his own “Robin.”

Alpha will debut in Amazing Spider-Man #692 as part of the 50th anniversary celebration.

Here’s where I’m going to speculate:

Alpha will become one of Spider-Man’s greatest villains.

Alpha will know everything about Peter Parker and Spider-Man.  His strengths, weaknesses, his fighting style, all of it.   There is no doubt in my mind that by the end of this Alpha will be one of Spider-Man’s most dangerous nemeses.

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