Andrew Garfield Reads Comic Books. Fanboys Over Speculate.

The UK Daily Mail put up this picture of Andrew Garfield, soon to star in the Amazing Spider-Man, holding a stack of comics.


Take a closer look at that stack.

So, obviously that is an Avengers title and more importantly part of the overall Thanos storyline.  As the millions… and millions! who have seen the Avengers movie know, Thanos shows up at the end.  Chances are, Thanos will be the big bad in Avengers 2.  Andrew Garfield is signed to be Spider-Man for many movies.  Now the fanboys are wondering, could Avengers 2 be one of those movies?

Probably not.

Most likely he got the new titles from Marvel.  Because, really, why wouldn’t Marvel give him comics?  At the worst, he never reads them.  But if he does, and enjoys them, then he can say how amazing Marvel Comics current product is on interview after interview around the world.  The financial benefits from just one mention far outweigh any loss there may be in giving him a couple books.

I’ll doubt he’s going to be connected to the Avengers in any way.  I would love it to be true, but I doubt it.

What do you think?


Our good friend Grace Randolph had a take on this on a recent edition of Beyond the Trailer.

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