Top 4 of NXT 6/27/12 – Well, not really…

I had a top 4 written out for NXT this week and I just could not bring myself to be all super positive for the show. I was NXT’s biggest defender (okay, one of, I can think of a few other good ones). When people stopped watching because it got boring, or didn’t tune in because of the “wacky” storylines, I stood by it. I stood by it as I realized they were never going to finish the mystery attacker story. I stood by it as last week it went into major overhaul.

But, seriously, why are we all tuning in for this? To be introduced? And told who we are supposed to be rooting for? Many of the people who are like, “Wow, this is great,” are the same people who complain about having Cena or Orton shoved down their throats. Now they are like, “This guy is so awesome,” because they saw a promo package and a less than two minute match.

The matches and match lengths are as follows:

Seth Rollins vs. Jiro – 1:32
Jinder Mahal vs. Jason Jordan – 2:52
Leo Kruger vs. Aiden English – 1:24
The Usos vs. Ascension – 3:40
Richie Steamboat vs. Rick Victor – 4:22
Antonio Cesaro vs. Dante Dash – 1:44
Derrick Bateman vs. Johnny Curtis – 3:47

Match time in a 44:30 show was 19:21 (give or take a few seconds, I’m not perfect and time-keeping). This is meant to be an introductory period, but in true WWE fashion they are introducing to you the guys they want you to cheer for in matches with inadequate amount of time and expecting you to swallow it whole. Rollins defeats Jiro in 1:32, he must be awesome. (Jiro is no longer with the company). Kruger defeats English in a whopping 1:24, promptly showing you how awesome Kruger is and how horrible English is (he’s not, he’s actually quite good). Cesaro squashes Dante Dash in 1:44! Yay?

Then the main event of Bateman vs. Curtis didn’t even last as long as the Steamboat vs. Victor match, which was a horrid display of Steamboat saying he wants to be an individual but then does all of his moves like his father, reminiscent of Tamina’s, “I’m an individual but look how well I do Daddy’s moves” promo on NXT.

This is not taking away from any of these men. There is not a man who came out that I do not like in some capacity, though I like some more than others. But to fill time they took a match from another taping, The Usos vs. Ascension, and stuck it in the middle. These men deserve better than to have the audience told that they are good. Let them show us.

I know, many of you tell me to give it time, but if this was my first time tuning in and I didn’t know who any of these guys were I would have not tuned back in again. I’ve watched wrestling shows before and given them only two episodes of my time and stopped watching, uninterested. But I love NXT, I love the men (and the women that have yet to showcase) of NXT and FCW. I want to see them do wonderfully, but I do not want a mini-show where it’s reminiscent of how they would push someone on Raw or Smackdown until they are established.

Rant over, next week the Top 4 will return. In case you were wondering what the Top 4 of NXT would have been this week:

4. Bray Wyatt Promo

3. Leo Kruger

2. The Usos vs. Ascension

1. Derrick Bateman vs. Johnny Curtis


  1. I’m desperately hoping that the shows improve on future tapings, because this was one of the poorest excuses for a wrestling show I’ve watched in my entire life. As someone who watched both NXT: Redemption and FCW, I actually like most of the guys used on this show, but no one was featured. This entire show was a complete waste of time. No one was given enough time to make any sort of lasting impression. Frankly, the hype videos are doing more for the characters than two minute matches.

  2. I agree with everything you said. I want it to become like a mix of FCW and the Redemption cast more than the squashes and short matches. I’m all for the video packages and they’re awesome, but do them for everyone in the match so we know about each person, not just one person involved in it while the people who don’t watch FCW know nothing about the other. (Plus seeing Rick Victor, CJ Parker, Mike Dalton, and Jason Jordan in this role pains me.) I didn’t mind last weeks episode because I thought it was just like that for the first time, but this weeks kind of bummed me out. Still going to watch because I like the people involved, but hopefully once they’re done “introducing” people it becomes more like FCW in terms of matches and we get backstage segments with the characters like NXT Redemption’s best days.

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