KITT and Knight Rider Arrive at Team Hellions.

Recently friend of Team Hellions, Reis – creator and leader of the League of the Dork Horde blog – had a toy give away.  One lucky fan would end up with a Hot Wheels version of the A-Team van and another would get KITT from Knight Rider.  Well, as the title of this post may tell you, I got the KITT car.

Check out the original post about the give away at the following link, and while you’re there maybe enjoy more from Reis and if you have a blog too, sign up to be a member!

Brian over at Cool and Collected won the A-Team van and he already told us all about it at his blog:

Now Brian and Reis both take pictures much better than I can.  So be patient as I take many pictures over the days, months and years.  Many pictures you say?  Oh yes.  These two collectors have inspired me to be a collector and not an accumulator.

All that being said, lets take a look at what I got in the mail!

Take a look at that!  First we have Reis’s site with its brilliant design.  I wonder if he works cheap.  Maybe I can have some cool Team Hellions piece made up with the logo.  Then there is the Post-It note.  Some people would just take a BIC pen and write a quick message.  Not the Leader of the Dork Horde.  Red Sharpie, black Sharpie and what looks like a great fountain pen distributing the ink at the bottom.  Oh, and look there’s a cool toy!

This is a brand new Hot Wheels toy replica of the classic car KITT.

If I saw that sitting on a shelf I would have grabbed it right away too.  While Hot Wheels have always been something nice, they were never a thing that I collected.  But then again, I didn’t know they had pop culture inspired vehicles like this.  Now that I know that not only KITT but also the A-Team van and other cars exist, I may have to start getting them all.

Bah that’s not a great photo (hey I already warned you).  But check it out.  Details on KITT and Knight Rider.  Plus if you got one of dem fancy smart phones you can find out more information.  I think I would scan it and find out what other cool cars might also be on the pegs.

It is detailed as hell too.  Great windows, perfect interior and damn but I just could not get a good angle to show off the dash.

I did however get a slight hint of the trademark scrolling red light.  Well, it doesn’t light up on here but that is definitely a tiny red piece of plastic that pops in just the right light.  I think I’m going to take it for a ride.  You know what, I’m gonna jump it!

Actually, there is a larger plan for this.  It will be the first of many set ups and many displays.  Reis and Brian showed me I should be taking some of these toys out of the packaging and enjoy them.  But Harry Knowles new Aint It Cool show on the Nerdist YouTube channel showed me how to display them.

Looking quickly I can spot a Mach 5, the Yellow Submarine and Luke’s Landspeeder.  What can you see?

Anyways KITT is now the first of my Drive-In collection.  The Drive-In will lead to other things.  I’m thinking a Hall of Justice.  Maybe a wrestling ring.  What can I do for Marvel characters?  What can I do for Marvel or DC characters that are in cars?  The fleet has arrived at the drive in to watch one of their favorite movies.


Here’s a closer look at the fleet.  This idea of building sets for the toys is a new one for me, but as I create things I’ll let you see all of it right here.


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