#HashtagHorror The Ward

REGALSAYS: One of the original best and horror icon, John Carpenter offering here. 

I always admire him but this movie was somewhat predictable. The Sixth Sense meets Shutter Island. Could have been better but it’s barely watchable. 

2 out of 4 stars.

@FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror Are we gonna see some old school John Carpenter horror? I sure hope so!


@Jasmine_Galan That thunder and lightning is soooo unrealistic #HashtagHorror

@MrsZigglesworth Is this a surgical ward or a psych ward? Oh, instruments of torture. Nice. #HashtagHorror

@TheSupremeForce #HashtagHorror I already miss Trollhunter.

@FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror You know you’re in a horror movie when you’re in a loony bin and it’s thundering… Oh and something evil kills you.

@Jasmine_Galan Does glass really break like that? #HashtagHorror

@TheSupremeForce#HashtagHorror I sense that this movie lacks trolls.

@FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror are these opening credits… Or is The Phantom Zone falling apart?

@BrooklynBrawla still on the fence. this could still go from ziggler to khali in a heartbeat though. #HashtagHorror

@MrsZigglesworth Oh.. she’s a pyromaniac. #HashtagHorror

@FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror RUN, BITCH, RUN!!!!

@Jasmine_Galan Now she wants to fight? She didn’t even try to run when they pulled up. #HashtagHorror

@FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror Kane was right… He was framed! She did it!

@TheSupremeForce#HashtagHorror Thus the rampage of the Underwear Pyromaniac ended.

@Jasmine_Galan GRANNY PANTIES FOR REAL #HashtagHorror

@TheSupremeForce#HashtagHorror Where’s the Trollhunter?

@MrsZigglesworth Mental wards that don’t allow bras. Not sure how long I would last.#HashtagHorror

@FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror Ah Kristen. Must be the same one Teddy Long goes on about.

@TheSupremeForce #HashtagHorror She could start another fire if only she had… one more match.

@BrooklynBrawla #WheresTammy #HashtagHorror

@Jasmine_Galan What is with the nurses eyes? #HashtagHorror


15 minutes into the movie and we’ve established it’s not the best movie, but we all still seem to be entertained.

@FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror Oh shit it’s Dr. Ashford from Resident Evil: Apocalypse.

@BrooklynBrawla there better be one amazing swerve in this movie. #HashtagHorror

@FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror I’m sure they all say that in here. “I’M NOT CRAZY!”

@Jasmine_Galan Oh come on it’s not that easy to pick a lock!! #HashtagHorror

@Jasmine_Galan“I wanna draw you” Nope not creepy #HashtagHorror

@TheSupremeForce#HashtagHorror When does something happen?

@Jasmine_Galan They. Can’t. Dance. At. All. #HashtagHorror

@MrsZigglesworth A hospital that doesn’t have a back up source for power? Or flash lights? I call bullshit.  #HashtagHorror


@FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror Ten bucks says the girls are a figment of her imagination

@TheSupremeForce#HashtagHorror This is the sort of movie used as research by AJ.

@BrooklynBrawla something not human? lol heath slater? #HashtagHorror

@MrsZigglesworth Gimme gimme shock treatment. #Ramones #HashtagHorror

@Jasmine_Galan “Fry the crazy right out of them” HA! #HashtagHorror


30 minutes into the movie and not much has happened, but it’s still more entertaining than half the movies we have watched so far.

@FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror I’m telling ya. All these girls are some sorta part of the girl. Multiple personalities.

@TheSupremeForce#HashtagHorror Not the metronome!!!!

@BrooklynBrawla DAMN! #HashtagHorror

@MrsZigglesworth <Ron Simmons>DAMN!</Ron Simmons> #HashtagHorror

@FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror I see the squeaky voice boy from The Shining got a sex change. “Where’s Iris?”

@Jasmine_Galan 🙂 bitch slap #HashtagHorror


45 minutes in. Well, that almost seemed quick.

@TheSupremeForce#HashtagHorror Who ya gonna call?

@TheSupremeForce#HashtagHorror Don’t they need a key, a map, and a knife?

@FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror Next time a patient asks for the building blueprints… Just say no.

@Jasmine_Galan Oh wow I actually got into the movie for a bit #HashtagHorror

@Jasmine_Galan HOLY SHIT! I got scared #HashtagHorror

@TheSupremeForce#HashtagHorror Ha! You can’t see her.

@FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole…

@FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror Ya gotta loooooove crazy chicks.


1 hour into the movie and the woman I predicted would die first is about to die… second.

@Jasmine_Galan Well at least she can say she was smoking hot #HashtagHorror

@MrsZigglesworth This is your brain. This is your brain on 4000 amps. Any questions?#HashtagHorror

@FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror Do you smell what she’s cooking?

@BrooklynBrawla typical divas locker room. #HashtagHorror

@Jasmine_Galan All of that over a bunny #HashtagHorror

@FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror I’ll bet that wasn’t the kind of rabbit she was looking for… See what I did there?

@FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror Bitch you ain’t no Sarah Conner!

@Jasmine_Galan Great accuracy #HashtagHorror

@TheSupremeForce#HashtagHorror Never go with the store brand straightjacket.

@FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror and Lunchlady Doris gets KO’ed!

@Jasmine_Galan“He’s really mad” HAHAHAHAHA #HashtagHorror

@FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror it’d be easier to escape the planet of the apes than this damn ward.

@Jasmine_Galan Kid lose the freakin’ sweater! #HashtagHorror

@Jasmine_Galan Well it took her long enough to die -_- #HashtagHorror


1 hour and 15 minutes into the movie and the ending is revealed.

@BrooklynBrawla RUSSO SWERVE!!!!!!! #HashtagHorror

@MrsZigglesworth SWERVE! Russo actually wrote some of this movie. #HashtagHorror

@Jasmine_Galan I SO CONFUSED #HashtagHorror

@FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror Called it.

@Jasmine_Galan Was that suicide or homicide? #HashtagHorror

@FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror So Dr. Ashford has starred in two movies with an Alice who remembers everything.


@Jasmine_Galan DAMN IT SHIT!!!! I almost peed myself!!! #HashtagHorror

@FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror Not too bad that one. Predictable though. 2 stars out of 4

@Jasmine_Galan Wait the main character..wasn’t the main character..it was the imagination of the main character? AND WHAT HAPPENED TO ZOEY #HashtagHorror

@MrsZigglesworth Ok, and that’s the movie. I give it a 4 out of 5 for keeping the action up. The ending was a little screwy. #HashtagHorror

@Jasmine_Galan Since I actually got scared a couple times….3/5 stars for The Ward#HashtagHorror

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