Top 4 Things Men Can Do in Public That Women Can’t.

Don’t worry ladies, there will be a companion part to this tomorrow.

This list was inspired from seeing women bend at strange angles in order to not show off certain things they don’t want shown off in public.  I hate to tell you ladies, but if you’re wearing something low its only going to get lower when you bend over.  That’s just physics.  So lets look at four things that men can do in public that women cant.  Well they can, but chances are embarrassment will follow.

4.  Be topless.

3. Squat down.

To answer your questions. Yes, that’s Eliza. And yes, that’s why you should always wear a belt when bending or squatting down in public.

2. Not have to squat nor hover.

Ladies, the fact is we can stand and still pee in this without danger of catching diseases from the Middle Ages.  You however need to sit in it or – more likely – hover above it and hope your thighs are strong enough.

1. Eat a banana.

I believe that is tennis superstar Maria Sharapova eating a banana during a match for a bit of extra energy.  Tennis players the world over eat bananas in between sets.  Yet it seems to be only the women that are constantly photographed eating these bananas.  Hmmm… I wonder why that is.

Tune in for the other half tomorrow!


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