Soulfire: Faith Preview. Coming from Aspen Comics July 11th!

The latest exciting chapter of the “Search for the Light” story comes July 11th.  Soulfire: Faith will add more wrinkles and drama to this magical series.

What craziness is about to take place just one short week away?  Lets have Aspen Comics tell us all about it:

Amanda McMurray – Story / Siya Oum – Art

Aspen’s first ever Soulfire summer event, “Search for the Light” reaches its next exciting chapter, SOULFIRE: FAITH!

As the disappearance of Malikai, the Bringer of Light, threatens the world of magic as well as the world itself, dire consequences arise in this continuation of “The Search for the Light”. While Pili continues to search for any sign of the Samusara, her situation could not be any worse as her eyesight has been lost to her. Yet, the malevolent visions within her own head will threaten to tear her apart—and any hope for finding and saving Malikai along with it!

Don’t miss out on the thrilling ‘Search for the Light’ crossover event that will change the face of the SOULFIRE Universe forever!

SOULFIRE: FAITH #1 is in stores July 11th, 2012!

This is Aspen’s most ambitious idea to date and one that fans will devour and debate for years.  Check out some preview art pages below and be sure to tell your local comic book store to add this event to your pull list.

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