Top 4 Things Women Can Do In Public That Men Cant.

The companion piece to yesterday’s hit article.

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All things being equal on this site, we must make fun of men and cheer women as well.  Men do silly things.  Lots of guys are too worried about appearances.  And lets admit it, women have quite a few skills that we can never equal.  So lets take a look at four things that women can do while out in public that a man just cant get away with.

4. Travel in pairs.  Also includes shopping, restrooms, dinners and many more activities.

Two women can go out to eat together, shop, walk the street arm in arm and no one thinks they’re a couple.  If two men are seen in each other’s company without some sort of game or beer or manly activity also happening in the vicinity most nearby people assume they’re a gay couple.  Thanks to the Bro-mance and Man Date movies most men have calmed down and have no problem hanging out with a friend.  But the assumptions are still there.  Depending on how sure of himself the man is, he will still miss out on many fun times in life because he’s worried what strangers will think.

3.  Drink anything with a color.

What?!  We’re just two men spending the day together and enjoying some delicious fruity drinks.  By the pool. What in the hell is not manly about that?!

2. More clothing options.

No.  You are so not pulling this off.  Look, I’ve worked in some sweat boxes in my day.  I would love to have the option to wear capris (or three quarter pants as I have also seen them called).  Some days its so damn hot I wish kilts were in fashion within the States.  But it is not to be.  Damn you girls and your breathable colorful garments.

1.  Fake it.

You’ve made a poor choice.  He’s not that good, maybe even the worst.  There are things to do and a life to get on living.  A life that will hopefully bring you a better lover.  Men have a very obvious sign that they are done.  But women luck out.  If he’s so bad in bed that he cant get you off, you’re in luck.  It also means he’s so bad he cant tell if you’re faking it.  Even better, if he’s any good that feeling can be had many many times over.


  1. I only fake it when I’m in public…
    we can also dance with each other. It’s not just accepted; it’s encouraged.

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