Marvel’s New 52. A Fantasy Editor in Chief List for Marvel NOW!


Way back when DC Comics rebooted their entire line I theorized on what a similar Marvel Comics version would look like.  52 titles, some old, some familiar, and some brand new.  All of which are old and new at the same time.  Nearly a year into the new DC Comics and its looking like Marvel will have a reboot of a sort come this fall.

Its an exciting time for comics and a great time to be a new reader.  The two big universes are about to be accessible for all.

We know many of the titles that Marvel will be putting out.  This isn’t about getting all of that right.  Its speculating what titles and what concepts in the history of Marvel are worth the limited shelf space of 52 titles.  Some of your favorites may be missing.  It happens.  But I hope you find many of these ideas to be worth a try.  Hypothetically.

Where needed I’ll explain what my idea for a certain title involves.  Some of them are straight forward though.

Ultimate universe is still separate.  Same with the Disney or animated or movie tie in comics.  The books listed below are straight up Marvel 616 Universe.

1.  Amazing Spider-Man Weekly.

2. Web Links

A pun of a title for a Spider-Man based comic.  This would be about those characters around Spider-Man.  The stories of the supporting cast, the villains and the heroes that are part of the Spider family.  Maybe Black Cat or Prowler or the Bugle cant hold their own book.  But they could be a part of this ensemble series.

3.  Avengers East

4. Avengers West

Not only would these two titles concentrate on opposing sides of the United States, but each coast would be the launching group for other parts of the world.  Trouble in Japan?  That’s all up to the West coast team.  Europe is for the East.  However the world doesn’t divide up evenly and there would be competition between the two groups.  Sometimes this can lead to either side making mistakes because they don’t have all of the information.  Not to make light of such a tragedy, but think of all the stories that the FBI, CIA and other government agencies didn’t want to share information pre 9/11.

5. Captain America

6. Thor

7. Iron Man

8. Hawkeye: Target

The love affair with archers continues.  Ladies loved Hawkeye in the Avengers movie.  Ladies have loved Hawkeye within the comics for years.  This title sees Hawkeye always in the middle of some trouble, usually with a lovely lady involved.  Black Widow, Mockingbird, Scarlet Witch, and that’s just for starters.  He will be the object of affection.  The ladies man that every single woman in the Marvel Universe wants to tie down.  In every meaning.

9. Hulk

10. Half Lives

Pretty much what Hulk and the Agents of SMASH will be but with a twist.  The radiation is killing these Hulked out heroes and thus they are living on borrowed time.  Its an adventure comic and a support group.  Marvel always gave their characters real world problems and ailments.  What could be more real than the dangers of cancer?

11. Journey into Asgard

Kind of like Journey into Mystery.  Focusing on Asgard and the stories therein.  It would turn Asgard into its own character, much like Gotham City is in the Batman books.

12.  Luke and Jessica

Two super heroes just trying to raise a child in this crazy world.  Also a book with huge crossover appeal, great potential to be turned into a movie or TV show and a good one to bring in new readers.

13.  Black Panther

14.  Daredevil (and if we can keep Mark Waid as the writer that would be great)

15. Punisher MAX

This would tie into the official Marvel Universe.  Punisher should never be censored.  He is a violent character and should only have violent tales.

16. Fantastic Four

17.   Captain Marvel (this would be Carol Danvers)

18.  Black Widow

19.  Dazzler

I would absolutely have this book be in the style of Idolized from Aspen Comics.  Or America’s Got Powers.  Dazzler should be the judge.

20.  Wolverine

21. X-Men: Xavier

22. X-Men: Magneto

Instead of blue and gold teams, or Wolverine’s side against Cyclops, the teams would be divided over the two great teachers.  You can agree with Charles, or you can agree with Erik.  Each team is a force for good, but they disagree with the other’s methods.

23. X-Force

Sticking with the current idea of this team as a covert unit.

24.  Exiles

Just because we’re rebooting doesn’t mean there aren’t alternate universes to explore.

25.  X-Men: Mutant High

The ideas of New Mutants, Wolverine and the X-Men, Avengers Academy and all other related titles rolled up in one.

26.  Deadpool

He gets a title.  One.

27.  Excaliber

Straight up humor title.  Crazy ideas and the more absurd the better.


The set up book.  This title will introduce characters, show origins, take us inside the secrets of the Marvel universe or whatever else is needed to ignite the next big story.  The home of exposition.

29.  Alpha Flight

Why not?  But try to get a Canadian writer and artist.  Go crazy with it.  Make readers in the States get mad because they don’t get the references.

30.  Guardians of the Galaxy

31.  Nova

32. Big Hero 6

Pretty much have to have these three titles now don’t we?  Nova would be a great bridge between all of these titles though.  He can hang with the street level, the Avengers, the X-Men or the cosmic heroes without looking out of place in any story.

33.  New Warriors

This needs to become Marvel’s Teen Titans.  Throw Alpha in here.  Grab everyone that would make sense for a book about the next generation of heroes.  Rick Jones, Winter Soldier, Speedball, Justice, Firestar, Jubilee, even Nova.

34. Midnight Sons

35. Legion of Night

Again, two conflicting yet similar teams.  The Midnight Sons were born human and had some curse and/or gift placed upon them.  The Legion of Night have never known anything other than being a creature of the midnight hour.  Maybe go really crazy and make both of these MAX books.  Take a good look at the horror side of Marvel.

36.  New Universe

Much like DC did with Wildstorm, bring in some of the better idea and fold them into the proper Marvel Universe.

37.  Marvel Team-Up

Classic style one and done adventures.  Also a great way to introduce new characters without committing them to an ongoing series.

38.  Marvel Comics Presents

Flip book style, with two big covers on each issue.  Each cover feature will have another chapter in their longer story.  Two other characters will have back up adventures.  Four stories in each issue.  Hell, why not make it a little thicker just for fun?  Possible bi-weekly title.

39. Thunderbolts

No Dark Avengers. Just reformed super villains

40.  Heroes for Hire

41. Sanctum Sanctorum

A Dr. Strange team book.  Brother Voodoo, Wong, the Defenders, etc.

42. Spider-Woman

43.  Northstar

With all that publicity he deserves his own title.

44. Wasp

She’s a hero, she’s been romantically involved with many other heroes, and she runs her own fashion company.  Publicize the hell out of this book.  Sell it in Claire’s or Journey’s.

45. Runaways

46.  Cloak and Dagger

47. Power Pack

48. Gunslingers.

Part DC New 52 All Star Western and part modern day.  This team would feature heroes from all eras who always have a six shooter (or better) at their sides. Rawhide Kid, Two Gun Kid, Phantom Rider, Paladin, Silver Sable, etc.

49.  Silver Surfer

50. Prime

51.  Mantra

Begin to bring the Ultraverse into the 616 world with these two titles.

52. ROM

Parker Brothers is doing nothing with this character!  Why hold on to a toy from 30 years ago that they did nothing with.  Take the movie money Marvel and buy out the copyright!



    • Damn shame though. I don’t understand copyright laws. Why sit on a character and do nothing with it? Sure profits would have to be split, but that split profit is more than the zero money ROM or the Ultraverse is bringing anyone now.
      Hmmm… I see Mark Waid and Jason Aaron with dueling Avengers teams. Not because they have any any issues, but I feel their dream Avengers teams would naturally have issues with each other.

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