Top 4 Guest Referee Outfits in Professional Wrestling.


The “Guest Referee” gimmick is a time honored tradition in wrestling.  In fact, WWE is about to have a great twist on it in a week at the Money in the Bank PPV.  Go AJ!  Anyways, the gimmick usually sees a wrestler involved with one or both men in the match come out as the authority figure.  Crazy things happen, and feuds continue on.  But, as these are wrestlers, they must stay true to their gimmicks. Sometimes that means modifying the usual referee uniform.  Shirt with a collar, pants and sneakers.   Its an easy outfit.  Whether black and white striped, or the classic black pants with blue button up.

Thankfully not all professional wrestlers stay with tradition.  Lets look at four of the greatest custom referee outfits in professional wrestling.


4. Tammy “Sunny” Sytch’s skirt and socks.

November To Remember 1998.  The fact that this pay per view is almost 15 years old and yet I still remember the moment tells you how fantastic this outfit was.  Moments like this are why DVRs were invented.  About 3 or 4 of us were watching the show live.  Sunny came out and started to put on her socks.  We were transfixed.  But how to rewatch without ruining the VCR?!  So we waited until the end of the event and then watched this scene again.  Grandpa is done talking now.

3.  Batista’s Speedos.

Big Dave was party rocking before it was cool.  UGH! He works out!

2. Mr Perfect’s sweat suit.

Worn at WrestleMania X and also on international be a zebra day.

1. Shawn Michaels Short shorts.

Single crotchedly dragging WWE into an R rating, its Shawn Michaels short shorts!  He wore them for promos, for refereeing, if we’re lucky maybe even on his new hunting show.  That’s at least a one point buck in there.

One comment

  1. I don’t know if the undertaker was a special guest referee but i remeber sid justice from i think it was summerslam 1991 and he was a very big sized referee. Special guest referee appearances is something that should happen more often in the wwe. Jerry lawler or william regal would be funny if they were special guest referee. I think the best ever special guest referee outfit in my opinion would have to be the 1 that stephanie mcmahon wore at wwe no way out in 2002.

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