#HashtagHorror Oldboy

REGALSAYS: Never been one for foreign movies but this one had me hooked from the start. Cool fight scene and a nice twist to an ambiguous ending. 5 stars out of 5

@FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror for Oldboy tonight. Excited!


@JoeBewick Is…is that a dog he’s holding #HashtagHorror

@Kristoffrable Damn, I couldn’t tell if that guy was holding a cane or a gun…turns out it’s a tie. #fail #HashtagHorror

@FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror let the man take a piss!

@JoeBewick Ohh they’re wings… #HashtagHorror

@TheSupremeForce #HashtagHorror I do find this a little scary.

@Kristoffrable With those wings, I’m sure this guy could have been a Victoria Secrets model… #notreally #HashtagHorror

@FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror I assume this is what happens when Kurt Angle falls off the wagon

@BrooklynBrawla hang in there dae su. brawla knows your pain. #HashtagHorror

@Kristoffrable I like how the fat dude had his shirt tied like he was dancing at Coyote Ugly, he’d fit right in. #HashtagHorror

@JoeBewick To be fair, it is a nice cell/room #HashtagHorror

@Kristoffrable Oh shit wait, no he looks like that guy from LMFAO only he’s not sexy and he should know that. #HashtagHorror

@TheSupremeForce#HashtagHorror That’s totally normal.


@FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror Eww.

@TheSupremeForce#HashtagHorror At least he finished quickly.

@JoeBewick Seriously bro, get counseling… #HashtagHorror

@Kristoffrable Three chop sticks? You thief, you! #HashtagHorror

@BrooklynBrawla am i watching footage from da developmental facility?#HashtagHorror


@Kristoffrable I’m starting to believe that this guy is the Asian equivalent to Andy Dufresne, only more bad ass. #HashtagHorror

@FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror Real interesting so far.

@JoeBewick I swear bro, if you kill that doggie… #HashtagHorror

@Kristoffrable Free your mind dude! Or just free yourself from the trunk, whichever is easier. #HashtagHorror

@TheSupremeForce#HashtagHorror Groping random people is what landed him in the room in the first place.

@JoeBewick That was fucking close to a rage quit from Joe. #HashtagHorror

@Kristoffrable Wait, you asking a dude not to die? Fuck you man; if I want to die, I’m fucking doing it! #HashtagHorror

@JoeBewick Nice, but wrong. Inbetweeners taught me clunge. #HashtagHorror

@FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror whup errbody ass while smoking a cigarette.

@Kristoffrable Wait, can people start handing me wallets full of money…please? Pretty please? Come on! #HashtagHorror

@BrooklynBrawla “dont bother asking me any questions, i dont know anything”. just like talking to slater. #HashtagHorror

@JoeBewick Oh my God that was fucked up. #HashtagHorror

@TheSupremeforce#HashtagHorror Right in the middle of dinner. Really,@SolaceWinter? Really?

@Kristoffrable Mmmmmm nothing like some fresh octopus to mow down on when you’re trying to figure out why you were locked up for 15 years. #HashtagHorror


@Kristoffrable Don’t let her fool you dude. Those aren’t medication, it’s Ecstasy…don’t worry, you liked it though. #HashtagHorror

@FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror why does she have a kitchen knife in the bathroom? She best not cut any food stuff with that now.

@JoeBewick That’s why you were locked up you dirty bastard. #HashtagHorror

@Kristoffrable There is nothing cliche about sitting on a subway train with a single tear in your eye looking drugged out of your mind. #HashtagHorror

@FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror Sushi. The most popular Internet topic of Korean video chats of 2003.

@TheSupremeForce#HashtagHorror Good to see him taking time to offer culinary advice to strangers.

@FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror OW!!

@TheSupremeForce #HashtagHorror Now charge him for a dental visit.

@JoeBewick He’s still got a hammer in his back… #HashtagHorror


@FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror No selling like a mofo

@Kristoffrable I’ve always wanted to get beat up by a group of lackies; that must be how Ryback feels. #HashtagHorror

@Kristoffrable I bet Liam Neeson’s character in ‘Taken’ learned everything from ‘Oldboy.’ #HashtagHorror

@TheSupremeForce#HashtagHorror When my dinner is over and I’ve had my dinner…

@BrooklynBrawla welcome back to da midcard, oh dae su. #HashtagHorror

@Kristoffrable No crazy ass movie is complete without a guy smoking a cig/joint like a douche bag. #HashtagHorror


@Kristoffrable Chopping off hands cuz he touched that chicks breasts. Sounds like someone is jealous that he didn’t cop a feel. #HashtagHorror

@FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror True to Korean porn…

@JoeBewick That would just scare the shite out of me. #HashtagHorror

@Kristoffrable That was the best minute and a half of the last fifteen years of his life. #HashtagHorror

@TheSupremeForce #HashtagHorror Is that the sound of bigfoot wearing a Darth Vader mask?

@JoeBewick LIGHTS! SPOTLIGHT PLEASE! #HashtagHorror

@Kristoffrable Why is it that whenever I see gas flooding into a room in this movie, R.E.M.’s “Orange Crush” starts playing in my head. #HashtagHorror

@JoeBewick She was ‘the school bike’ #HashtagHorror

@JoeBewick This is the best use of classical music to scare the shit out of me since A Clockwork Orange. #HashtagHorror

@Kristoffrable Croaked like a dead fish? Umm you croak and then become a dead fish but you don’t croak after you die. #HashtagHorror

@FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror and now he’s dead. Don’t smack talk the mans dead love.

@FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror Oh it was his sister. Ok.


@JoeBewick Jeez. ‘Say something funny’. I’ve heard that before…. #HashtagHorror

@Kristoffrable So, from this hair cutting scene, the only thing I’ve gotten from it is that he’s a leg man. #HashtagHorror

@BrooklynBrawla brawla just found his new gimmick. full body suit, leopard print.#HashtagHorror

@FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror Obligatory nude scene No. 3

@TheSupremeForce#HashtagHorror Not a remotely sane person in this movie.

@Kristoffrable Nothing like a voyeuristic nude scene in a strange movie that I’ll have nightmares about…probably. #HashtagHorror

@JoeBewick Ewwwwww…. #HashtagHorror


@Kristoffrable Take that hat off, you look like a Justin Timberlake wannabe!#HashtagHorror

@BrooklynBrawla “what would you like me to pray for?” pray for cat #HashtagHorror

@TheSupremeForce#HashtagHorror More people should step onto crowded elevators and announce that someone had sex with his sister.

@Kristoffrable Fuck yeah! I wish I was bad ass enough to beat some fucking people up with a tooth brush! #HashtagHorror


@FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror Oh fuck. That’s his daughter?!

@FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror Well shit. That’s a twist

@Kristoffrable Ummmm that’s some incest that I didn’t need. #HashtagHorror

@TheSupremeForce #HashtagHorror The viewers are traumatized. @SolaceWinter‘s work is finished.

@FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror How did this movie escape me for 10 years?


@TheSupremeForce#HashtagHorror Hey, a tree!

@JoeBewick That was the most twisted piece of anything I’ve ever seen ever.#HashtagHorror

@FamousPlewa#HashtagHorror Outstanding movie. 10/10

@JoeBewick I’d go 8.5 for that. #HashtagHorror

@BrooklynBrawla korea is da west virginia of asia. #HashtagHorror

@Kristoffrable Moral of the story: Asian Bob Marley eats some octopus and finds incest best. Oh, and he should probably get some help.#HashtagHorror

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