PAFFT! Today’s Greatest Comic Book Covers Revealed! 7/11/12.

Today’s sound effect comes from Charismagic #6.

As always, every single comic book cover pictured here comes from our good friends at Zeus Comics.  Please support them and all good comic book shops.

Let’s get this comic party started!

Avengers Assemble #5

Its cheap.  It really is a cheap cover to get people who have only seen the movie to read the comic.  But it is a fantastic cheap cover.

Avenging Spider-Man #9

Yeah!  I really want Captain Marvel to succeed.  Putting her on the cover of a Spidey title and having her look strong, plus that nice “Starring” text to the side is a good start.

Batman #11

Bruce Wayne is now part of the Phoenix Five!  AVX takes a dramatic new turn!

Battle Beasts #1

I am only including this cover because I cant believe this comic exists.  In 2012.  And that I will buy it.  Willingly.

Bloodshot #1

Damn.  Bloodshot is back.  And look at that cover.  Its an entire semester of symbolism right there.

Broken Pieces #3

This one is a bit of a cheat, because the cover means so much more after reading the book.  Really a great take on the monster and the maiden.

Charismagic #6

Magic is back in comics again!  Also, these are much stronger more interesting cat characters than you’ll find in Catwoman #0 with that horrible cover.

Creepy Comics #9

Well I don’t think there’s ever been a more perfectly named book.

Crossed Badlands #9

What the fuck is this?!  “Torture cover”.  I haven’t read Crossed but all this looks like is one fucked up comic.  Overly, crazy, ridiculous fucked up.  Is it any good?  Is there an amazing plot that justifies this?  Someone let me know.

Enormous One Shot

This is why I do this column.  Many times I would have forgotten or never known of a title if I hadn’t seen the cover while writing up this weekly piece.  Glad I did it because I have been looking forward to this title for a while.  Kaiju!

Peter Panzerfaust #5

Yes this has been done before, but that never diminishes its impact.

Punk Rock Jesus #1

Just on title alone this is a must buy.  Its also a damn cool graphic.  I expect to see it on t-shirts and bootleg merchandise soon.  Possibly by this weekend!

Soulfire Faith #1 (Siya Oum cover)

Blind faith?  Maybe.  But I’ll guarantee this is worth your money.

Space Punisher #1

Its the fucking Punisher.  In space.  Why on Earth, or space, would I not want to read it?  Everyone should want to read this.

The Walking Dead #100 Adlard cover

Meet Lucille.  Fucking. A.



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