Fantastic Four Movie Reboot News.

FOX wants to fast track a new Fantastic Four movie.  Word is that this will be their next franchise push, after the upcoming The Wolverine and X-Men First Class 2.

Josh Trank is  directing the movie.

It will be a reboot with an all new cast.

Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz are writing the script.

One comment

  1. This irritates me. I’ve heard about it for awhile and I’m still not over it. I liked the Fantastic Four movies because they were cheesy, just like Fantastic Four, haha. Plus, I mean, Chris Evans. And it hasn’t been all that long! Are they going to reboot a franchise every time it goes stale without give it any time now? Soon we’ll have multiple Superhero movies running alongside each other with the same characters, different actors, and it will get as cluster-f… as the rest of the comic book universe. (I have nothing against comic books, avid reader, but one series could have absolutely nothing to do with the next, even though it features the same characters). Rant over.

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