The League XXI: What Makes You Cry?


The League of Extraordinary Bloggers is back!  After a week off we’re coming back with this week’s question.  The League is a group of blogs focusing on geek and pop culture topics.  Every week Brian at Cool and Collected gives us a new question that we all answer and read each other’s answers and hang out in the park, throw a Frisbee, someone gets hit in the face and cries.

Oh hey that reminds me of this week’s question!

Who cried when Old Yeller got shot? What movie, TV show, book, etc. turns you into a blubbering baby every time you see it?

I will admit, I’m a bit of the sensitive type.  While writing this I’m watching the Comic Con movie and I get a little teary eyed for this film.  I get misty over dreams coming true, dreams being crushed, geeks finding love, and that’s just this movie.  I wiped a tear or two when CM Punk and the Miz won their first world titles.  Its great to watch someone try and struggle for years and then finally grab that prize.

But we need to look at a different level.  Something that has my eyes red, my cheeks puffy.  Some image that made me cry so much those around me will assume someone close to me died.  Two things in my wheelhouse have caused that level of runny nose and a wail of tears.

First, Toy Story 3.

Can we accept spoilers here?  You all realize there will be spoilers?  OK, good.

Near the end of Toy Story 3 an impossible obstacle is in front of our heroes.  There is absolutely no way out.  The entire movie is about letting go of your childhood.  A time comes when you must move on.  Thus it is very possible that these characters will die.  Or melt as the case may be.  I would not have been shocked.  I mean, I would have expected some sort of toy heaven or something after but yes I really did think that was going to be it for the toys.  And I was crying my eyes out in the theater.  The only reason I didn’t feel too self conscious is because every other person in the theater also had the sniffles.  My fiance and I started holding hands, comforting each other through this moment.  We were all crying our eyes out, watching our inner children die on screen.


Sure, we know how the movie ends, but that didn’t stop every single person who saw that movie from having the most intense film experience of their lives (Hey Brian, I could come up with a top 4 list for that easily… future League topic?).  I was crying so bad there is a threat still hanging over my head.  My fiance says if I don’t cry that hard at our wedding (in October!) she will leave me.  Stay tuned true believers!

The other moment was a bit more real.

When Eddie Guerrero died I was in the middle of a difficult year.  I was at college and due to the piss poor girlfriend I had at the time, I was not allowed any friends.  (Long story, but she was not good for me and we’ll leave it at that.)  So there I was, at college with no car, no friends and struggling to get all the work done.  I couldn’t afford comics, but all the dorm rooms had cable so you bet your ass I immersed myself into wrestling.  I watched all my old tapes and DVDs, I was there for Raw and Smackdown every week.  TNA had a weird deal with Fox Sports at the time, but I would find it.  In fact there was even a Spanish channel that played some Lucha Libre and even though I didn’t understand a word of it I still watched every week.  So wrestling was a huge part of my life at the time.  My only entertainment.  My outlet.

Then the internet tells me that the arguably greatest wrestler in the world just dropped dead in his hotel room while brushing his teeth.  This was the tragic day in wrestling history when Eddie Guerrero died.

It was awful.  I spent hours talking with the Internet Wrestling Community about it.  We were all incredibly upset and gave WWE credit for pulling off a PPV that night (one in which Eddie was expected to win the title).  But the next night… oh man the next night.

WWE is well known for putting together some of the best video packages in all of entertainment.  They get over every possible emotion, the editing is perfect and the song choices add even more to it.  They’re better than 99% of all movie trailers.  So of course a memorial has to be played the next night on Monday Night Raw.

And they chose Johnny Cash’s rendition of “Hurt”.

I bawled my eyes out.  He got his life together, and still died young.  He died in front of Chavo.  He was about to become the man yet again.  And here I was.  Alone, lost, stressed out, and hoping that it is all for a reason.  It will all get better.  But no, sometimes you just fucking drop dead.

Yeah, this was a perfect storm to cause a damn good cry.

I need a moment.  Talk among yourselves.  Oh.  Oh you’re all telling me what made you cry too.  Brian we need tissues STAT!


  1. Aw man, you had to go and get real. I don’t follow wrestling anymore but I can see how they would have milked that moment for all it had.

    I’m totally open to League topic ideas–maybe one week, that will be the topic! Stay tuned and keep the ideas coming! Thanks Kevin!

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