How the WWE Universe is Predicting Tonight’s WWE Money in the Bank 2012 PPV.


We here at Team Hellions are part of a group that predicts what will happen on every WWE PPV and then we do prizes and stuff.  Its loads of fun and its all run by the we’re-lucky-to-have-her Solace Winter.  Follow Solace @SolaceWinter and her blog

Anyways, its a near run away for predictions.  We’re going to have to go to our tie breakers to find a winner this month.  Lets see how the WWE Universe, 87 members of it, think WWE Money in the Bank will end.

86 out of 87 predict Kofi Kingston and R-Truth to retain the WWE Tag Team Titles.  That’s a whopping 99%.  Well there’s one title change that most likely wont happen tonight.

52 percent think its Dolph Ziggler’s time to rise and they have picked him to win the Smackdown MITB match.  30 out of 87, for 34% think its Cody Rhodes.  A mere 8% think Tyson Kidd has a chance (and honestly he’s my dark horse as well).  Then it gets interesting only 1% of fans think Sin Cara, Christian or Tensai have a chance.  Not a single person picked Damien Sandow.  Not one.  “Not once. Not never.”  However, Wade Barrett snuck in here with one pick for 1% percent.  How did that happen you ask?  One fan thinks that Tyson Kidd will be taken out and Wade Barrett will return, take his place, and win it all.  I really like that idea.  Wade deserves a massive push whenever he comes back.

Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio is a bit interesting.  82% of the fans believe that Sheamus will retain.  Between Del Rio and Sin Cara WWE’s attempt at growing their Hispanic market is not working.  No one buys ADR as a main event talent.

CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan isn’t a run away, but its not that close either.  69% of fans believe that CM Punk will retain.  With 24 fans picking Daniel Bryan, for 28%.  Again, not a run away but there is a clear idea among the WWE Universe.  The fun thing is that 2 fans say there will be no winner (that’s what I’m thinking too).  And one gutsy fan thinks AJ will win it.  Damn that is one crazy prediction.  If we weren’t all waiting for a big summer angle to start I would say its an impossible idea but you know… maybe.

The Raw Money in the Bank also has a clear winner as 74% of fans think this will be how John Cena gets back in the WWE title picture.  Surprisingly Jericho is next with 10% followed by Big Show with 8% and Kane at 5%.  Three creative fans add their own choices.  Two think the Miz will make a return in this match with one fan expecting CM Punk to just throw a wrench into everything.

Check back throughout the night and see how right we are!

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