Kharma Quietly Released from WWE?

So, last night during the Money in the Bank Pay Per View I was busily copy/paste tweeting the same thing I have been tweeting for MONTHS now… #WeWantKharma.  And then I clicked on that damn hashtag to see what the Universe was saying, if there were any whispers of a return at MITB.  What did I hear? Whispers of a release by the WWE.


In all fairness, a follower on twitter and I had a conversation last week about WHY we want Kharma?  She hadn’t really DONE anything yet.  Well, other then be amazingly scary.   I also have another post here discussing why I find her so fascinating.

And here’s a video of her being AWESOME.

I have chills from just watching that!

And see, this post goes a few ways…if Kharma wanted to leave the WWE due to everything that has happened in the last year, I totally get it and support her.  However as an avid follower of her twitter account that just doesn’t sound right.  It sounds like she was ready to come back!

Perhaps the WWE is blowing the big one and letting her go.  To quote the Miz, REALLY?!  I can’t even begin to entertain this train of thought.  If the WWE lets Kharma go then this is the stupidest thing they have done in a very long time.  All I keep thinking is why bring her back at the Rumble if you’re just going to let her go?!  My poor heart! (She has been moved to the Alumni page on

And then, for me this is the most likely senario (I hope). The WWE is playing at letting her go so they can make a big impact on the 1,000 episode of Raw. A glorious Kharma return on the biggest RAW event EVER.  I just keep hoping for this!

I hope the WWE doesn’t screw this up!  Just last week there was so much promise for the Divas in signing Sarah Del Ray with Kharma waiting in the wings.  PROMISE.  Something’s gotta happen soon because the Divas are just BLAH right now.

This is the face I was making last night during the PPV

I could watch her (entirely too short) Royal Rumble performance over and over! (this is the best video I could find, no idea why it’s backwards….)

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