Like Playing Fruit Ninja? How About Reading Fruit Ninja!


Yes its true.  APE Entertainment will be releasing a new comic book series based on the popular game app – Fruit Ninja!

These comics will reveal the backstory of the characters featured in the game.  To quote from Ape Entertainment:

“A key goal for Halfbrick is to bring our content to even more fans around the world,” says Halfbrick’s Chief Marketing Officer, Phil Larsen. “By expanding the Fruit Ninja universe with new stories, characters and adventures, Halfbrick and Ape Comics are free to explore an unlimited number of creative opportunities for comics and take the brand in even more exciting directions.”Fruit Ninja is a game in which players Created by Halfbrick Studios the game has been downloaded over 300 million times!

The comic will be released digitally through a new stand alone Fruit Ninja app and then later released in print comic book form.

Fruit Ninja is a game available across all app stores and platforms.  In the game fruit is thrown up in the air and the player must “slice” the fruit using his/her finger on the touch pad to control the blade.  Points are awarded for accuracy and multiple fruits sliced in one swoop.

For more from Ape Entertainment, head to their website. or

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