Top 4 Women Champions of #RAW1000

Starting our celebration of tonight’s WWE Monday Night Raw 1000th episode.  In this first post of many today we look at the top 4 Women that held either the Womens title or the Divas title in the history of Monday Night Raw.

Agree or disagree with our picks below.

4.  Alundra Blayze.

Remember kids, Raw has been around since 1993.  Alundra was THE womens champion of the early days of Raw.  She would lose the title only to chase it and always regained the championship.  Aja Kong was a dangerous adversary that helped Raw gain a worldwide feel and audience.  Bertha Faye came in and cemented the idea that anything is possible in the WWE and especially on Monday Night Raw.  The only reason Blayze doesn’t have a higher ranking is because of her dramatic exit from WWE when she threw the Womens title in the trash.  It took years to bring back the division.

3.  Mickie James/Melina.

These two women carried the Womens and Divas roster throughout the mid 2000s.  Usually on opposite sides, and rumors fly that they are always on opposite sides in real life, they always brought out the best in each other.  Spoiler alert – this will become a theme in these posts.  Some of the great wrestlers in the history of Raw were great because greatness was brought out of them by their opponents.  These two women are intertwined.  Even when they weren’t against each other there was still an overall feeling of one ups-woman-ship.

2.  Lita

From Essa Rios to the Hardys to dominating the Womens division to hooking up with Edge.  Lita constantly evolved and was always a star.  Women around the world completely changed their clothing, their music, their lifestyles because they wanted to be like their idol.  If you doubt me WWE’s number one woman right now is seen as a child crying her eyes out when she had the opportunity to meet Lita.  She constantly changed herself.  How many women in the history of wrestling have been both the most loved and the most hated?  I don’t mean out of the women, I mean in all of wrestling.

1.  Trish Stratus.

She changed womens wrestling and the effects are still continuing today.  Trish was on a Canadian TV show.  She was a fitness competitor and model and assumed to be a WWE Superstar.  Nope.  Never been with the company.  She was incredibly soon after.  Trish was raw and green when she first came in.  It seemed like a joke.  But she worked and busted her ass and never came up and became one of the greatest female wrestlers of all time.  Thanks to her succeeding we now have no end of models being trained to become wrestlers.  None of them have come close to matching Trish Stratus.  Future Hall of Famer and one of the all time greats.


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