Top 4 World Champions of #RAW1000


Much like the US title, the World championship has not been a part of Raw for long.  Coming from WCW and often on Smackdown, the World title has still had an effect on numerous episodes of Raw.  Plenty enough to warrant its inclusion on today’s many lists of Top 4 Raw 1000.  So lets take a look at the 4 best World champions of the 1000 past episodes of WWE Monday Night Raw.


4.  Undertaker

The Dead Man hasn’t held a world title since AJ was born (OK, not that bad).  He is a multi time WWE/World champion and somehow when fans picture him with one of the big belts that mental image now includes this big 20 or so pounds of gold.  A more classic looking belt for the last of a dying breed.


3.  Randy Orton

Made the Man so so so many times.  He screws up, but he’s talented.  He pisses people off, but he’s a great main event talent.  Randy Orton is the perfect champion for this secondary World title.  Always so close to becoming number one, but always fucking it up just at the precipice.


2.  Batista

The other side of the coin to John Cena on Raw.  Batista became Mr Smackdown.  He carried that brand as the modern day Hulk Hogan. Giant, tattooed, impactful, and yes not a great wrestler.  However stick him in there with the right person and dangle this belt between them and magic happens.  See also the Undertaker.


1.  Edge

The Ultimate Opportunist made this title.  If it weren’t for Edge constantly capitalizing on every opportunity to gain and/or keep this title it would not mean as much.  He grasped it with a grip that was only released upon his forced retirement.  If that hadn’t happened he would have held this title at least 2 to 5 more times since.  When one of the greatest wrestlers in the world claims something as “mine” that only makes every one else want it that much more.




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