Top 4 WWE Champions of #RAW1000


Tonight will be the 1000th episode of WWE Monday Night Raw.  Since 1993 there have been many champions, many title changes, and many fans like me who feel that our voices and opinions matter.  This may be the opinions of just one member of the WWE Universe but this member has been watching Raw from day one and loving every moment of it.

This is the big list.  The men listed here are the best of the best.  The cream of the crop.  The ones who carried Monday Night Raw on their shoulders for nearly 20 years.

Lets see who we crown the Top 4.

4.  Triple H

His contributions cant be discounted.  Sure some of it is tainted due to who he is and who he is married to.  Maybe it doesn’t have any effect on his character nor on the number of title reigns he has had.  But the possibility is strong and it is there, thus Hunter has to be lower than his many many championships would have one think he should be.


3.  John Cena

The Captain America of Raw.  The 21st Century Hulk Hogan.  He is over exposed, adored by children, hated by bloodthirsty men and the biggest financial success in WWE since the Attitude era.  Hate him all you want but no one — not Batista, Orton, Undertaker, Punk and so on have come close to his level of fame and success.


2.  The Rock

The most electrifying man in sports entertainment!  We may want to argue with him.  The Rock is the asshole on again off again boyfriend.  Always promising us that he has changed.  Always promising that he is back for good this time.  Then he leaves us yet again.  But every time he returns its the biggest noise in the state.  911 calls come pouring in from people thinking there is an earthquake, some sort of disaster is happening, because they hear the roar of the crowd.  He brought WWE out of the ghetto and into the television and movie star level that we all knew they should be.


1.  Stone Cold Steve Austin

Neck and neck with Hulk Hogan for the biggest most successful wrestler of all time.  Spear heading the Attitude Era.  Selling t-shirts and every other possible bit of merchandise around the world in record numbers.  Creator of the greatest most well known catch phrase in all of wrestling history.  Nothing can ever touch Austin 3:16 and WWE nor Raw would never have reached 1000 episodes without him.



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