Top 4 WWE Intercontinental Champions of #RAW1000


Continuing our look at the top 4 men and women to hold various titles during the 1000 episode history of WWE Monday Night Raw.  In this post we look at the prestigious WWE Intercontinental championship.

4.  Razor Ramon

Remember when Scott Hall cared?  Before the drug addictions and demons?  Back then he held the Intercontinental title at a time when the WWE was changing.  Sure he traded it with other members of the Kliq.  But Razor always looked perfect with that belt.  The only thing stopping him from being higher on this list, or being on a world champion list, was his trip to WCW.


3.  Chris Jericho

Yes, he has won this title more times than any other wrestler.  But how many of those matches were memorable?  The first couple  which included feuds with Kurt Angle, and even Chyna, were great.  But since then Jericho’s reigns are just numbers without any meaning.


2.  Jeff Jarrett

Yes, remember him?  Double J was one of Monday Night Raw’s biggest stars.  Then he asked for a little too much money during the height of the Monday Night Wars.  But before Jericho started racking up title wins, Jarrett was the all time IC champion.  Whether the electric cowboy or as the “Slap Nut” hating mysogynist Jeff tore through the mid card for years.  If he hadn’t asked for a hefty one time pay day he may have even been welcomed back after WCW folded.


1.  Stone Cold Steve Austin/The Rock

Austin 3:16 on the beeper!  The title was thrown into the river!  The Attitude era began thanks to these two men feuding over the biggest secondary title in wrestling.



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