Top 4 WWE Tag Team Champions of #RAW1000


Continuing our look at the greatest champion of the last 1000 episodes of WWE Monday Night Raw we are now up to the tag team titles.  We’re counting the original tag team titles and the Smackdown ones as they have been unified into the current version of the title.  You can argue, you can disagree, and you can do all of that below.

4.  British Bulldog and Owen Hart

When I think of the cusp of the Monday Night Wars, I think of this team.  Just before WWE figured it out and started to go in crazy new places, these two men ran the tag team division.  As part of the Hart Family they feuded with everyone else in WWE.  Thankfully these two men were tag team stars.  They were family.  Best of all they did not give a fuck.  Boo them, cheer them, whatever.  They were there to do a job and both men did that job – wrestling, not “sports entertainment” – better than 99% of everyone else they ever worked against.

3.  Cody Rhodes

Oh I know I’ll get shit for this one.  Think about it though.  He has won the tag team title with Hardcore Holly, Ted DiBiase and Drew McIntyre.  He even is listed as a tag team champion twice in a row with two different partners!  Cody and Holly were defeated by Ted and …. Cody!  No one has ever done that before.


2.  New Age Outlaws

The Road Dogg and Billy Gunn changed tag team wrestling.  Two guys who never got over on their own became main event talents with each other.  They got over the tag team titles, became a part of DX and their catch phrases are still quoted in arenas around the world.  Pushing the dumpster off the stage.  Dressing up as the Nation.  Changing the professional wrestling rule book forever so that tag team partners can no longer pin each other.


1.  The Hardy Boyz, The Dudley Boyz and Edge and Christian

All three teams are forever linked.  They traded the tag team titles between them.  They changed all of wrestling forever.  TLC, Ladder matches, Money in the Bank, tables and on and on.  Two of WWE’s yearly PPVs are based around matches that these three teams made famous.  Three of the men went on to become world champions.  There are over 100 title reigns for tag and singles belts represented here.  All of professional wrestling was changed when WWE gave some kids a chance to see what they could do.




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