Top 4 WWE United States Champions of #RAW1000

The WWE United States championship hasn’t existed for that long.  It has also been a Smackdown exclusive title for much of its time.  But hey we’re having fun here getting ready for Raw 1000 and going through all of the other titles today.  So why not take a look at the Top 4 United States champions from the WWE Monday Night Raw era.

4.  John Cena

Cena’s first championship.  He was still very new, very green and was still rapping.  He even made his own exclusive spinner belt for the US title.  Largely forgotten now that we have the WWE spinner title, but that’s right it started with the US title.  Also, this was the time when John Cena was stabbed by Carlito and miraculously the attack did not leave a scar.

3.  Orlando Jordan

Only here so we can all remember that this happened.  Jordan winning the title was as shocking at the time as it is now to remember that he held a title.  He did nothing with it, didn’t elevate the title nor himself and was defeated by he who shall not be named.  Orlando is on here so that the Lord Voldemort of wrestling doesn’t have to be.

2.  The Miz

He was given a chance and the Miz raised this title up to finally be on equal standing with the Intercontinental title.  At times, above that belt.  His wrestling skills, his gear, his mic work.  Everything about the Miz improved when he was given a chance with this belt.  They helped each other.  While some may forget that the Miz is a former WWE Champion no one will forget his US title run.

1.  MVP

Montel held this tittle so long its tough to picture him without it.  A character based around bling needed some gold and the US title fit that need.  This led to his epic feud with Matt Hardy that actually made us believe for a little bit that maybe Matt could be a main event guy.  Even as a heel MVP became a role model.  You can make bad decisions in life but if you learn from them and work hard one day you too can be a champion.

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