Love Brandon Sanderson? Try The Alloy of Law Audiobook.

Recently, staff writer Solace Winter wrote a great review of the new novel from Brandon Sanderson, The Alloy of Law.  It is the fourth novel in the Mistborn series and as you can read below, its also a great read.

But guess what, its a great listen too!  Thanks to our friends at Macmillan Audio we have an exclusive excerpt from the audiobook!  Read by Michael Kramer.

Alloy of Law Audiobook Clip

Here is a link with much much more information about the novel, the audiobook and a link for you to buy it as well!  Hey, you’re on the go, you’re driving all over the Earth, you’re a busy person.  Why not grab this audiobook and turn your travels into a pleasure.


This is the fourth novel in Sanderson’s Mistborn series. You do not have to read this book after reading the original trilogy but you do have to have read the original trilogy to read this book, despite what others might tell you. I was 80% through before that really hit home but the ending is worthless if you do not know what happened prior.

The novel that started off into a short story is about a lawman in a Wild West sort of situation. Waxillium, known as Wax, quit being a lawman and is going to be a “proper” noble, until he’s forced not to be. A familiar storyline that Sanderson absolutely makes his own. Wax, Wayne, Marasi, Steries, and every character they come across does their best not to fall into any particular stereotypes.

I was torn on giving this novel 4 or 5, hence the half star on the blog. There is a point, that makes sense, but almost feels like a Deus Ex Machina somewhere towards the end that irritated me. It was too blatant instead of a gentle nudge and it ruined the final fight of the novel for me. I didn’t expect a pretty bow from a Sanderson novel but I expected more resolution as well.

However, I can’t fault it because it was wonderfully written, superb plot points, and no holes anywhere that I could find. Sanderson knows what he’s doing.

Reasons to Read:

– Incredible writing

– Interesting characters

– Wild West Fantasy

Reasons Not to Read:

– Who knows how long until the next one considering everything he’s working on

– Not a complete ending

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