Top 10 Women Who Rock Green Hair.

(Note: I’ll be uploading this article twice, with two headlines, for two audiences.  Apologies if it messes you up at all.)

I’ve been debating on this list all the way back to Saint Patrick’s Day.  Long past March, there the draft sat.  That is until Brian over at Cool and Collected said that this week’s theme will be all about green.

We’ll post more about Cool and Collected and the League of Extraordinary Bloggers when this post re-runs as an official League submission.  But for now, lets talk about why we’re here.  We’re here to look at ten women in our favorite parts of pop culture.  Ten women who have embraced green hair.  Some of it is natural (well, as natural as comics and such can be).  Some of the women dyed their hair.  Either way, they’re strong powerful and some of the most loved characters out there.

Like.  For sure.

Its me, Kevin Hellions, writing this list.  So you know its going to be comics and wrestling from here on out.  Enjoy!

Also, in the interest of being balanced I fully welcome a list of good looking men if anyone wants to contribute one.

10.  Aphrodite IX

9.  Melodia (Silverhawks)

8.  Lum

7. Christina Von Eerie

6.  Viper (Marvel Comics)

5.  Jade (DC Comics)

4.  She Hulk

3.  Dot Matrix (Reboot)

2.  MsChif

1.  Ramona Flowers


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